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Ricochet Kills Instructions

As with most shooting games, there's nothing really fancy or complicated in Ricochet Kills as far as controls go. Use your mouse, especially the left click button for the most part. Aim, make sure your hands are not shaky, and when you are all set, just hit that left click button to fire away. See? Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. HOWEVER, don't make any mistake about... the controls may be easy to handle BUT the game itself can make you pull your hairs out.

Ricochet Kills Walkthrough

Shooting games - well, aside from being bloody and violent most of the time (and this game falls in that category), the games from these genres are usually action packed. Very fast paced, not much time is left for complex decision making, make that shot or you get killed - that's how it usually goes in most shooting games.

HOWEVER, Ricochet Kills is a fine example of an exception! Now, this game may not be suitable for younger players... especially kids. One reason is that it shows blood and violence, very common with today's shooting games. HOWEVER, the primary reason is not the gore BUT rather the game's difficulty.

Take a look: just like any shooting game, in Ricochet Kills, you need to kill people. And you need to kill each and everyone of them for you to advance to the next level (not surprising). But here's the hard and not so kid friendly part - the bullet ricochets and you need to fire your bullet in a way that it will bounce in the right direction to hit the targets. Now, of course, you can shoot them directly. BUT the thing is that your targets are situated in such a way that you cannot land a direct hit. You are basically forced to shoot from an angle.

Long story short, this is one of those shooting games where having an acute knowledge of angles is necessary... and in this case to kill people. Heck! Who says math classes would never be useful heh? That's the BIGGER reason why Ricochet Kills may not be that good for kids. They won't find it fun.

Just how difficult can this game get?

Think about this: I'm 24 years old. Pretty good at math (was once a regular guy at math competitions) and play shooting games quite often. Well, it took me 5 restarts to get past the 3rd stage. What made the game even more challenging is that there are no sorts of index or whatever that would tell you from which angle you are shooting at, the direction of the ricochet, etc. YES, you need to work things out using your intuition and your imagination.

And here's MORE: you only have limited number of bullets at your disposal. Unlike in other shooting games, you cannot go trigger happy in this one. Every shot should count. Once you run out ammo, it's all over. You need to hit the restart button and do the level again.

If you are looking for shooting games that are a bit violent... ones that are bloody and gory, BUT ones that require good thinking above anything else, Ricochet Kills is a nice bet.