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Raid Mission Instructions

Raid Mission is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to issue orders to your team.

Raid Mission Walkthrough

Raid Mission is a tactical role-playing game. This shooting game features great graphics, seven missions with their own unique achievements, and a variety of weapons and equipment. The addition of splendid voice acting adds to the excitement of Raid Mission.

Raid Mission is a mission-based game, and each mission has its own set of objectives. Be sure to read the text on the level select screen as well as any prompts that may be given during the course of a mission to stay abreast of the mission parameters. Most missions in this shooting game involve killing enemies and making sure to keep your team alive. If a team member is killed in action they will return in the next mission, but if all four of your team members are killed, you will fail the mission and have to retry it. Your progress is automatically saved between missions, so if you need a break from the action, you may return to your game at a later time.

Although Raid Mission is a shooting game, you do not directly control the action. Instead, orders are issued to your squad members for them to carry out, similar to a role-playing game. Each character has three bars: a red bar, which indicates health, a blue bar, which when full means that the character can take an action, and a yellow bar, which when full indicates that a character can use their special ability. Orders are issued when it is a character's turn to move.

Another RPG element present in this shooting game is the leveling system. Your characters' statistics can be improved using points earned at the end of each mission. It is a good idea to start out by increasing your characters' vitality so that they can survive longer in combat. Increase the speed of characters that you use to move closer to the enemy, while the accuracy of support characters should be increased so that they can provide covering fire. All characters with the exception of James have special roles that can be unlocked by allocating a minimum of points to certain statistics.

The final role-playing game aspect of Raid Mission is the items. You can buy items using money earned after the completion of each mission. Your starting equipment isn't very effective, so I advise you to buy a minimum of basic armor and high-explosive grenades for each member of your team. I also advise you to buy superior weaponry to take down your enemies quickly in this shooting game.

Raid Mission is an RPG-like shooting game that will keep you busy and entertained. If you prefer issuing orders to being behind the trigger, then Raid Mission is just the shooting game for you!