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Raft Wars Instructions

The controls in Raft Wars are very typical of shooting games. Just use your mouse for interaction - aim, steady your hands, and fire! That's it. Nothing complicated really. The objective here is to defeat your opponents using the least number of shots possible and earn cash in the process. That cash would really come handy especially in the latter stages of the game where the challenge steps up higher than the previous level. Use the dough to buy upgrades, beef up your raft, add new weapons in your arsenal and those are just to name a few.

Raft Wars Walkthrough

OK, shooting games in general are not for kids. BUT this one, Raft Wars, is dressed up in a child friendly way that I wouldn't mind my 5 year old kid playing it. No blood, no gore - which is kinda surprising for shooting games nowadays!

The Story: Being a kid friendly shooting game, it's NOT at all surprising that the leading star is a kid... a baby to be precise! 3 year old Simon - this baby became an instant millionaire after finding tons of treasure - golds and diamonds mixed together, near their house.

The bad news is that the warlords are after the treasure. It's all up to you - who is playing as Simon together with his younger brother to send them sinking. You got to grab your raft, defend the beach, and keep all of the loot in this turn based shooting game (reminiscent of Gunbound) that is backed up with nice music. For those of you who are having trouble with the game, here are the walkthroughs for the first four levels...

Level 1: Pirates - Now, nothing really complicated about this one. It's more of a tutorial actually. Alright, here's what to do: shoot straight over the water at full power until your gun is angled at 2 o clock. Adjust the angle of your shots accordingly depending on the results.

Level 2: Vikings - Again, another straightforward level. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is that another Viking is located on top of the hill. Well, no biggie. Adjust your gun and angle it at a little under the 1 o clock position and you should deal a clean hit.

Some Notes: Knock backs - you better keep this in mind. If you or your opponent is hit directly and was knocked back into the water, that's an instant Knock Out. It doesn't matter how much life or HP you still have. Also, for upgrades, it's better than you concentrate on getting your raft beefier. Skip those grenades and rockets for the most part.

Level 3:City Thugs - This is a little harder than usual as the damn hippo in the middle of the battle field will get in the way - especially if you are aiming for low and fat shots. With that in mind, you need to aim higher and tone down the power. If you can land a clear hit on the first thug, he will knock his buddy out of their boat. Grab a grenade for the next level.

Level 4: Neighbors - When envy strikes, this is what happens. The hard thing about this level is that the first guy is tucked right behind a jet ski. Well, here's what to do launch a straight to the face shot to the first guy and toss a grenade to the third one. This will hopefully land near the docks which will knock his buddy out.