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Quake Flash Instructions

Quake Flash is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The W and S keys (or up and down arrow keys) are used to move forward and backwards. The A and D keys are used to step left and right. The left and right arrow keys are used to turn left and right. The spacebar is used to jump. The control key is used to shoot. Click and drag your mouse to mouselook. Use the number keys to change weapons. You may customize these controls in the options menu.

Quake Flash Walkthrough

Quake Flash is a ported version of the classic first-person shooting game, Quake. Quake Flash is a nearly perfect copy of the first Quake from id Software, and features the same graphics, weapons, and gameplay from the shareware version of the game.

If you are familiar with Quake, then Quake Flash will be easy for you to pick up. When you first open Quake Flash, a demo of the game will be played. Press any key on your keyboard to open the menu. You may want to customize the controls, display settings, or audio volume under the options menu. Once you have configured the settings to your liking, select "Single Player" in the menu and let the nostalgia begin!

Veterans of Quake may want to choose a harder difficulty, but if you are new to Quake, or if it is your first time playing Quake Flash, I suggest you to choose the easiest difficulty level by entering the portal to the left. Yes, veterans of Quake may want to choose a lower difficulty level because some of the controls are changed slightly (more on this later). After selecting your difficulty level, you must enter a second portal to select the episode that you wish to play. Since this port only contains the shareware version of the shooting game, you must use the teleporter in the left-most room here. I always enjoyed the difficulty selection mechanism of Quake, and I am happy that it was included in Quake Flash. This will allow you to get used to the controls and atmosphere of the game before actually playing. It is also quite humorous that a player could die on the difficulty selection map.

Quake Flash is similar to any other FPS game. Complete each level by finding the exit. Along the way, there will be enemies to kill, traps and hazards to avoid, and goodies to collect. If you have a really good memory (or a walkthrough handy), you will find that all of the secret areas of the original Quake are present in this port of the shooting game as well!

Quake Flash is an amazing port of a classic shooting game, but it does have a few downfalls. Firstly, clicking and dragging for mouselook is a major hindrance that may make this ported Flash game difficult to control, especially for those used to playing Quake. For this reason, playing on a lower difficulty level may be necessary, albeit embarrassing for a professed master of Quake. The second pitfall of this Flash port is that you cannot use the mousewheel to switch weapons, and right-clicking cannot be used as a control since it will open the context menu. Finally, only the shareware episode is present, and you will not be able to enjoy multiplayer. Despite these flaws, it is still amazing to be able to play Quake in your browser!

Quake Flash is a shooting game that is sure to bring you fond memories of 1996. If you were not around then, or did not play Quake when it first came out, then prepare yourself for a real treat!