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Potion Panic Instructions

Looking at the control scheme of Potion Panic, it seems that this online shooting game (as it is classified) is more of a tower defense strategy game! You see, you only need to use your mouse to defend against the up and coming onslaught. To adjust your scope and aim, just use the mouse. And when you are all set to make the potion shot, just press the left click button. Oh! Before I forget, if you want your potion bomb to explode while it is in mid air (which you definitely want to do in most cases), just press the left click button the second time around and that should get the job done. So how do you play this game? What's the idea behind it? Let's see and find out!

Potion Panic Walkthrough

The idea and objective of the game is very simple: defend against the up and coming onslaught from creatures of all sorts - witches, tribesmen armed with spears, giant and fanged worms (BUT honestly, they don't look like worms), spitting spiders, witches and those are just to name a few. This made the game look more like a tower defense game instead of a shooting game.

HOWEVER, it doesn't matter if it's a shooting or a tower defense strategy game. There is one thing I know for sure - Potion Panic is REALLY fun to play! In this game, you get 3 potion mixtures - blue, red, and yellow. You need to mix them together to get some devastating effects that you will use against your opponents.

For example, a mixture of 10 (blue), 25 (red), and 5 (yellow) will create a somewhat sticky mixture that will speedily melt away your opponent's lives. This is the combination I use most of the time as it can scatter pretty well (when you burst out the potion bomb in mid air), and let's NOT forget - this combination is the most effective weapon against the witch. It can kill the witch in a moment's notice.

Just in case you don't know, the witch is one of your worst enemies. You see, she will suck a base potion until your container runs dry...leaving you helpless against the onslaught of other enemy units. Not to mention there is this irritating and sucking sound effect while she's sucking your potion container dry (no pun intended :D).

Also, when you have truckloads of cash, don't forget to buy upgrades! Upgrade your walls, beef up your defenses with explosives, lethal vapors, and those are just to name a few!

If you are on the hunt for an online shooting game that has a touch of tower defense strategy to it, one that is fun and exciting, then give Potion Panic a try! The farthest I have gone is level 10. Try it out and see how far you can go!