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Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II Instructions

Just like most online shooting games and tower defense games, Pixelshock's Tower Defense 2 has a very challenging game play BUT easy to understand controls. You just need to make sure your mouse is working properly and you should be able to play this game very easily. Use your mouse to build defenses, grab upgrades, pick game modes, and everything else in between.

Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II Walkthrough

If you loved the first installment of Pixelshock's Tower Defense, then you will surely go gaga with the second installment! In Pixelshock's Tower Defense 2, all of the good stuff from the previous version is back together with other niceties - more creeps to deal with, more maps to choose from, and more game modes to keep you busy for long hours!

True, the objective of the game remains the same - you need to prevent the creeps (whatever size or form they have) from passing and reaching the other end of the map by building towers to blast them to oblivion.

HOWEVER, the creeps have been stronger and better since the first installment. They have gained new abilities and forms to help them survive your defenses and fire power. Not to mention the battleground has also expanded with the new maps the game has. YES, you need to device new strategies and tactics if you want to reach the final stage of this game.

Worry NOT, though, things have also changed for the better for you! Now, you have 6 towers along with 9 different item effects to choose from. BUT with the expanded maps and game modes that would test your wit and tower defense skills, you need to think and choose wisely to make it out alive.

And to make things even sweeter, the game gets regular updates as well as new stuff added to it to make sure it's as exciting and thrilling since it first came out. So you better keep an eye on this shooting and tower defense game often.

Beefed up with more maps and game modes, more challenging creeps to deal with, new turrets and item effects to choose from - Pixelshock's Tower Defense 2 will surely keep you busy and on the edge of your seats for long hours!