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Pistol Training Instructions

As far as control schemes go, there is nothing complicated about Pistol Training. You just need to make sure that your mouse is in fine condition. Use your mouse for moving your pistol's scope. And when you are all set to make the shot, just hit the left click button and that's it! Nothing could be easier when it comes to controls. BUT believe me, this game is pretty challenging too.

Pistol Training Walkthrough

Pistol Training - the name is very apt for this online flash shooting game. If you are someone who needs help with your aim, then spend a couple of sessions in Pistol Training and you are sure to see some improvements.

No, the enemies won't fight back. They won't move around either. Instead, you will training how to keep your hands (on the mouse steady) and when to make the shot by training against immobile targets like you would in firing ranges.

The game comes with 3 levels of difficulty - easy, medium, and difficult. Each level of difficulty comes with 3 stages. The Easy Mode takes you to the classic firing range setting - a room with non-moving targets. On the other hand, the Medium Mode takes you outdoors where you will be training on the farm (I don't know, it seems like it). And last BUT not the least, the Difficult mode takes place, well...I don't know. It looks like you will be honing your aim and shooting skills at the prison grounds.

Anyway, the level of difficulty doesn't really change. What changes, though, is that you need to score higher in other higher levels.

By the way, don't think you can take your sweet time and spend 5 minutes on one target. That's plain silly. Your score would be lower the longer it takes for you to complete the level and you get extra points for accuracy as well as reaction time.

With 3 pistols to choose from - Walther P38, Desert Eagle (which is my favorite), and Colt Python, coupled with an unstable hand (YES, even if you're not moving your mouse, the scope is pretty shaky just like in the real world), this shooting game - Pistol Training, going to pose serious training challenge to newbies and experienced players alike.