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Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 Instructions

move your sniping scope with your mouse, and shoot by clicking the left mouse button. Help Panda and his friends out by distracting guards, plotting escapes, and planning getaways in this shooting game.

Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 Walkthrough

Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 is an unusual sniping game that almost any gamer can enjoy. While most sniping and shooting games usually have an adequate amount of gore or violence, Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 has neither. Instead of shooting guards, you'll only have to distract them, and instead of assassinating targets, you'll have to save targets.

The game starts out easily enough - you'll have to prove your skills to Panda by beating the first level, a shooting range. As soon as a target pops up, take it out, and if you don't miss any, you'll be able to move onto real missions - where you'll be able to choose what level you'd like to attempt. Most of the missions will consist of puzzle-like situations, where you'll have to help someone out by distracting a guard, or making an escape route.

Besides missions, though, you'll be able to unlock awards and achievements in Panda - Tactical Sniper 2. Like most other shooting games, you'll get some for high accuracy, and others for simply completing levels. It's a cool addition to an already fun game, and as long as you haven't gotten every single achievement unlocked, you'll still have something left to do in Panda - Tactical Sniper 2.

Overall, Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 may not be your typical sniping and shooting game, but it's a great twist on an otherwise formulaic genre. As said before, you'll rely on saving targets instead of assassinating targets - and you'll need a fair amount of patience to do so. Even if you make one wrong shot, you'll have to restarts a level, so take your time - aim carefully - and hope for the best in Panda - Tactical Sniper 2.