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Panda - Tactical Sniper Instructions

Alright, we have another sniper and shooting game that's easy when it comes to the Control Scheme Department, BUT comes with a challenging game play. In Panda - Tactical Sniper, you just need to make sure that the computer's mouse is working (especially the left click) and you're all set to play. Just move around the mouse to move your scope and use the left click for firing. Mind you though, spamming the left click to hit targets won't work as there is some delay and reload time between the shots.

Panda - Tactical Sniper Walkthrough

The objective of this shooting game - Panda Tactical Sniper, is pretty straightforward - complete the missions, earn cash in the process, and use it to buy stuff at the shop which would make it easier for you to handle the tougher and more challenging stages.

The objective is easy and straightforward, BUT the game itself is NOT! You see, Panda may look cute and innocent BUT he really isn't! He thinks he's one hell of a gangster that can do anything - swiping off a man's head, messing with the gang leader Lion, and get into all sorts of trouble.

And it is your job to get him out of the mess! How? That's all up to your decision making skills. Well, you can consult the walkthrough BUT that's NOT fun for sure. Believe me, I had a hard time getting past the second stage (where you need to shoot moving targets in the shooting gallery without killing Panda). And that's coming from someone who has been playing first person shooter games for years!

To make the game even harder, you get to see only through your scope, not outside it so you need to move around the mouse a lot to make sure you are NOT missing targets.

Easy controls, challenging game, and silly in all angles - this is Panda - Tactical Sniper. If that's your cup of tea, check out the game and play it now!