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One Shot One Kill Instructions

As the name suggests, this is one suspense filled sniper and shooting game. The control scheme is very straightforward - you just need to make sure your mouse is working properly. Use your mouse to move your scope around the screen and if after some careful calculation, you are ready to take the shot, just hit the left click and that's it.

One Shot One Kill Walkthrough

In this shooting game - One Shot One Kill, you will be working as a hitman. And a sniper rifle is your best buddy. Armed with one of the most accurate weapons the world has seen, you need to follow the mission briefings before you dive into the mission. Be very careful and make every shot you make count.

Never ever get trigger happy. Don't just pull it for the sake of shooting. Missing a target could mean you fail the mission. Along with that you should also pay close attention to the hints that are given to you in the mission briefings. Knowing these hints and tips will help you complete the mission. Don't just hit go when you don't know what exactly to do.

Also, the second sniper rifle (which still needs to be unlocked) comes with a zoom function. Just press and hold Z to zoom in. And for zooming out, just press X and hold on to it. This game may sound easy in theory, BUT believe me, it's NOT!

If you are looking for a shooting game where precision and good decision making skills matter more than spamming the trigger button, then One Shot One Kill is a game that you should check out. Trust me, it won't disappoint!