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Nuclear Plant Instructions

Nuclear Plant is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. The down arrow key or S key is used to cultivate the plant or work at the laboratory. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot your weapon. Use the shift key to reload and the number keys to switch weapons.

Nuclear Plant Walkthrough

Nuclear Plant is a shooting game that takes place in a dystopian future where nuclear crisis has devastated the human population of Earth. This action game features outstanding graphics, fluid animation, numerous upgrades, and challenging gameplay!

In Nuclear Plant, you portray one of the last remaining humans on Earth. Your mission is to cultivate a special plant that has the power to bring life back to the barren planet. Cultivation of your plant will take time, however, and there are hungry mutants out there that would love nothing more than to feast upon your entrails. Given that there are so few humans left, they must consider you a delicacy! Hold out against the beasts as long as you can, and grow that plant! If you survive long enough, you will reach a checkpoint and your progress will be saved, allowing you to continue the next time that you play this shooting game.

Fortunately, some remnants of human technology, weapons in particular, are left over for you to defend yourself with. Money is earned by killing enemies. When enough money has been saved, you can purchase weapons by clicking the shop button in the upper-right corner. You can also research skills by standing in front of the laboratory and pressing the down arrow key (or S key). When the research bar is filled, you will earn one skill point. Click on the skills button to unlock skills. I advise you to upgrade your research time first to earn skill points faster, then upgrade your reload time and accuracy to make your weapons more potent against your foes.

Nuclear Plant uses a keyboard and mouse combination commonly found in shooting games. Move your character by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot your current weapon. Reload by pressing the shift key, and switch weapons by using the number keys. To conduct research or cultivate your plant, stand in front of the laboratory or plant, then press the down key. Any action that you take will put a halt to your work. Try to work in the lab and grow your plant between waves so that you can concentrate your attention to your work rather than surviving enemy attacks!

Nuclear Plant is a shooting game that is as addictive as it is fun. Grow the Nuclear Plant and save the world in this exciting action game!