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Notebook Wars 3 Instructions

Notebook Wars 3 is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. When using the mouse, move your mouse to move your aircraft. Click the left mouse button to shoot (hold for rapid fire). When using the keyboard, the WASD keys are used to move and the K key is used to shoot. The E key is used to drop bombs using either control scheme. All keyboard controls can be modified under the options menu.

Notebook Wars 3 Walkthrough

Notebook Wars 3 is the third game in the Notebook Wars series of arcade-style shoot'em ups. Like its predecessors, Notebook Wars 3 combines classic shooting game action with cute graphics and numerous upgrades.

The goal of Notebook Wars 3 is to fly through each level, destroying enemies as you go, and to kill the boss once you reach the end of the level. This concept may not be original, but it is tried-and-true and still makes for a great shooting game! You do not have to destroy all of enemies on each level to win, but doing so will earn a five-star rating for the level. If you do not get all of your stars the first time around, you can always come back and replay levels that you have already completed, giving this shooting game great replay value!

By default, Notebook Wars 3 uses a mouse control scheme similar to that employed in the previous two games of the series. Moving your mouse moves your fighter and clicking the left mouse button shoots. Notebook Wars 3 also features a keyboard control scheme for the first time. This is great for gamers who prefer to use the keyboard in SHMUPs (like myself). This also allows the use of a game controller if you use a program such as JoyToKey. You can switch between control schemes in the options menu as well as redefine which keys are used.

The Notebook Wars series is known for its upgrades, and Notebook Wars 3 is no exception. A plethora of aircraft may be purchased as well as a varied arsenal to help you establish air superiority. To access the upgrade shop, click on the button labeled "Hangar" on the right side of the level select screen. Two currencies are used to purchase upgrades in this shooting game: coins and bullion. Both can be earned by destroying enemies, but you can also use MochiCoins to buy more if you have a Mochi account and are willing to fork over real money.

Notebook Wars 3 exceeds the expectations set by previous games in the series by orders of magnitude. Notebook wars 3 is a must-play game not only for fans of the series, but for fans of shooting games in general!