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Ninjufo Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control your Ninjufo, and whenever you spot an enemy, sneak up on him and hit the spacebar (while also hitting a directional key). When you come across obstacles like blocked passages and electric gates, looks for switches and buttons. Pick up as many boxes as you can - go for all fifty - and avoid dying above all else, for a highscore.

Ninjufo Walkthrough

Ninjufo has elements of stealth games, action games, and shooting games - in it, you'll control a ninja (piloting a UFO, hence the name) who has to infiltrate an enemy base and collect 50 boxes. Even though the storyline may be simple, it doesn't really matter - because both the graphics and gameplay in this flash game are fantastic.

You'll start out on the outermost layer of the enemy base. With 50 boxes to grab, there are quite a few routes you can take, just make sure you're taking a calculated route - it's easy to get lost quickly. And, before you get started taking out enemy ninjas, it's important to get used to your shuriken ability - it'll take a few throws before you get used to it (hit the spacebar; the shuriken moves in the direction you're moving).

But, after you do get used to the controls - and get used to moving your Ninjufo quickly - you'll be able to take out enemies when you need to, infiltrate the huge enemy base, and (hopefully) collect up to fifty boxes. If you do ever get lost, or stuck, it's a good idea to fly around and keep an eye out for switches and buttons you can press. And, when you're flying around in darkened rooms, it's a good idea to move a slower pace.

All in all, Ninjufo is a unique shooting game with awesome retro graphics you don't normally see. Besides the eye candy, though, the gameplay is solid and won't get boring - as long as you know where to look. Since your score is based on deaths and kills, try to destroy as many enemies as you can (find as boxes as quickly as you can), and avoid getting destroyed by traps (and enemies) whenever possible.