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Ninja Dogs 2 Instructions

Ninja Dogs 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click and hold to control your cannon. While holding down the mouse button, move the mouse cursor up and down to set the trajectory of your shot and move the mouse cursor left and right to set your shot's power. Release the mouse button to shoot. The A and D keys are used to pan the camera left and right respectively, and the S key is used to zoom out.

Ninja Dogs 2 Walkthrough

Ninja Dogs 2 is the sequel to the Angry Birds-esque artillery game, Ninja Dogs. This iteration of the shooting game features improved graphics, new backgrounds, and forty-five challenging levels.

The objective of Ninja Dogs 2 is to kill all of the cats on each level. To do this, you will launch ninja dogs from a cannon to slam into structures or to hit cats directly. You have a limited number of dogs in your lineup, and if you fail to kill all of the cats after you have launched all of your dogs, you will have to start the level from its beginning.

Different breeds of dogs have different special powers in this shooting game. To make a dog execute its special attack, click on the dog before it hits any objects on the stage. Each time a new breed of dog is introduced, its special abilities are explained, so be sure to pay attention. In some cases, it may be best not to execute your special move so you will have to play it be ear.

Since you have a limited number of dogs on each level, it is best to aim your shot where it is most likely to cause the most damage. It is not always best to aim directly at the cats in Ninja Dogs 2, as you can often deal more damage by aiming for weak-spots in structures. A collapsing structure can kill more cats in this shooting game than direct fire can. The initial flight path of your dog is indicated by a red line that appears while aiming your shot and can be used to guess where your shot will impact.

Ninja Dogs 2 is still easy to control, but I found the control-scheme of the first Ninja Dogs to be easier and more user-friendly. I am not sure why the developers chose to change this, but it means that you will have to pay closer attention when aiming your shots. There is no way to cancel a shot, so do not press the mouse button until you are sure that you want to fire in this shooting game!

Ninja Dogs 2 is a challenging and entertaining shooting game. If you enjoy artillery games such as Angry Birds but don't want to fork out the money for a smartphone app, then Ninja Dogs 2 is just for you!