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Mummy Tombs 2 Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Move up using 'w' or the up arrow key. Move down using 's' or the down arrow key. Fire your weapon by hitting 'space'. Jump using 'j'. Activate 'insane killing mode' using 'l'. Change weapons using 'k'.

Mummy Tombs 2 Walkthrough

If you liked Mummy Tombs, you're going to love Mummy Tombs 2. Building on the solid foundation built by it's predecessor, this game is filled with high intensity, fast paced action and lots of mummy killing fun. Like the first action shooting game in the series, Mummy Tombs 2 puts you in the role of the brave adventurer trying to get into the 'tombs of death' despite the threat of death by mummy. These mummies are vicious, blood thirsty monsters whose only purpose is to guard those tombs. This game expands on that premise; adding the allure of treasure which you can find throughout the game. There's more than just treasure added to this one. Aside from just trying to escape your zombie enemies, you'll also have to evade trap doors placed throughout the levels. Walking over a trap door will rob you of valuable hit points that you really can't afford to lose. As you progress in the game and the mummies get stronger, faster and attack in greater numbers, you'll need all the health you can get.

In Mummy Tombs 2, you need to collect treasure to build points. Treasure is found in brown boxes marked with Egyptian hyroglyphs. To collect treasure, simply walk over it. Unlike other action shooting games, you don't have to click on the treasure or press any special keys on the keyboard to collect it. That can make collecting the treasure while still focusing on defending yourself against the mummies a lot easier. There are also power ups you can collect as you progress in the game. Medic packs and power boosts are likely the most beneficial power ups you can collect. Medic pack power ups restore your health and allow you more hit points while power boosts make the weapon you're using much more effective; helping you take out more enemies more quickly.

There are upgrades available in Mummy Tombs 2 as there were in the first game and, also like the first game, you buy those upgrades using your hit points. You have to be careful when you're buying upgrades more so in this series than any other action shooting games online. Your hit points are important. They allow you to stand up to enemies and survive longer in the game. If you spend all your hit points on upgrades, chances are good you won't survive long enough in the game to use your new or upgraded weapons. While getting new weapons and upgrading the weapons you have is important, always make sure you know how much the weapon costs (hover over the weapon with your mouse), how many hit points you have to spend (shown at the bottom of the market screen), and that purchasing the weapon will still leave you with enough hit points to defend yourself. Early in the game, your basic gun will be more than enough to defend yourself if you play smart. Stay ahead of the mummies and do your best to keep some distance between you and their attacks. If you do, you should be able to make it through fine.

Overall, Mummy Tombs 2 took one of the best action shooting games online and made it even better. The addition of the treasure makes the game more interesting and gives it more of a story. The graphics are even better than the graphics in the first game and much of the game is even more difficult than in the predecessor. The addition of trap doors make the game even more challenging, but with two difficulty settings to choose from, even beginners should be able to do fairly well. Remember to only buy the weapons and upgrades you need and focus on taking out the attacking mummies while not allowing them to get to close. Distance is your friend in this game. Collect power ups to boost your game performance and most of all, have fun. This is an excellent game that proves sequels aren't always worse then the original.