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Max Damage Instructions

Aim with your mouse and click the left mouse button to fire whatever ammo you've got loaded in your cannon. But, you'll want to aim carefully - each level has limited ammo of available, and once you've run out, you'll either pass or fail. If you don't think you're going to make it, hit the R key to restart a level at any time.

Max Damage Walkthrough

Max Damage is an engaging and dynamic shooting game where - instead of targeting people, or enemies - you'll play the role of a child trying to cause as much retail damage as possible via appliances like TVs and refrigerators. With 49 levels to play through, you'll have a cannon that shoots dodge balls, basketballs, tennis balls, and even bombs - but each level has a specific puzzles or nuance that you have to figure out.

And that's what makes Max Damage a lot of fun to play. Not only do you have to figure out a puzzle, but also you have to make sure that you cause a certain amount of damage (a dollar amount) before moving on to the next level. Once you've beaten a level, you'll be able to return to it, and try to get a higher score, though the main menu. Certain levels have a many more appliances to destroy, making them more fun, while puzzling levels will have only one or two objects to destroy - and crafty puzzle you'll have to work around.

As the levels go on, the amount of damage you'll have to cause will increase, and when you come across puzzling levels with a low damage requirement, they'll be much more difficult to solve. But, if you do take advantage of the restart button feature (the R key), you should be able to work around any puzzle that requires testing and tricky angles.

Overall, Max Damage is a great shooting game - it has a unique premise, the controls and physics are perfect, and even though some puzzling levels can get frustrating, the game will reward you later on with levels you can completely demolish. Where other shooting games aren't as innovative, Max Damage will have you thinking outside of the box - but you'll destroy the box as well in this shooting game.