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Lord Of War II Instructions

Point and click to purchase and place new towers, upgrade stats of existing towards, and call on the next wave of creepers to rush through your defenses. With five maps to defend, Lord Of War II has a dynamic array of defensive towers - and deadly enemies.

Lord Of War II Walkthrough

Lord Of War II is a flash game that takes time, patience, and a whole lot of clicking. There are fives maps to play through, and each subsequent map is unlocked by beating the previous level. Although the levels start out easy, each individual map gets a whole lot harder as the waves and waves of enemies and creepers try to make it through your map. You'll have a set amount of lives, and every time a creeper makes it through the map unscathed, you'll lose one - lose all of them, and you'll have to start over.

Lord Of War II is like a shooting game, except once you place a tower, you won't have to tell it what to do - it'll shoot all on its on. But, like many shooting games out there, you'll have to face waves and waves of enemies - each time you complete a wave, hit the "Next Wave" button to proceed with the game. Otherwise, you can take your time, and upgrade or purchase new towers before the next wave comes.

And, although you'll only start out each level with a small amount of gold, as you save up, you'll be able to purchase stronger and stronger towers as the game goes on. But, as your own towers get stronger, so will enemy creepers, and you'll have to make an effective defense that won't give in. Upgrade some of your inexpensive towers, or go with a solid defense of expensive towers (like the Wizard's Lair tower) to take out your enemies.

All in all, Lord Of War II is a fun game with lots of tower defense that even new gamers can grasp. The game starts out easy enough, too, so you'll be able to keep up as the difficulty increases. With lots of features to upgrade, and tons of towers to choose from, Lord Of War II is a great game that you'll only want to stop playing once you've finished the last map.