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Kingdom of the Wind Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to hire new troops, purchase and place turrets, and upgrade existing troops to make them more effective. With each wave of enemies being a day, and eight days to fight through, hire as many troops as your mana pool allows - and make them last as long as you possibly can.

Kingdom of the Wind Walkthrough

Kingdom of the Wind is an interesting twist on the otherwise stale tower defense genre. Combining elements of shooting games, strategy games, and action games, Kingdom of the Wind has an overall gameplay experience that's tense, exciting, and difficult all at once.

You'll start out on day one - the first of eight days. You'll only have a small mana pool to start out with, and as you train and deploy new troops, it'll deplete - but slowly replenish over time. And, although it seems like you'd be able to train as many troops as you want, you'll only be able to deploy a limited amount, so, the focus of the game turns to having a small squad of upgraded soldiers, rather than an undistinguishable horde.

Each time you deploy a new troop, you'll be able to put it on either side of the castle, but it doesn't really matter - most troops will be able to move freely, and attack enemies that charge from either direction. When you have enough money, and they're finally available, you'll be able to build turrets, which will be able to do much more effective job of defending your castle up-close.

With almost everything being upgradable, Kingdom of the Wind successfully throws in elements of shooting games, tower defense games, and strategy games all in a way that makes sense, yet fresh. It's a unique game with great graphics, a difficulty curve for those who haven't played a tower defense game before, and great replay value.