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Hover Phoenix Instructions

Move your mouse to maneuver your ship and aiming reticle - click the left mouse button to shoot, and hold it down to power up for a charged shot. Try and destroy as many asteroids as you can (some will only be destroyed by a charged shot) while flying through the solar system. Your ship can only take six hits, so try to sustain as little damage as possible.

Hover Phoenix Walkthrough

Hover Phoenix is a game that takes place in space, and if you haven't noticed already, it's a game where you can easily be destroyed. Your mission, as explained in the game, is to destroy as many volatile asteroids as you can. You'll come across them when traveling from planet to planet - and you can't miss them anyways, since each one is gigantic.

As said before, your ship can only take up to six collisions with an asteroid - so as much as you should try to destroy asteroids, avoid any that you won't be able to take out. Super charging your weapon takes time as well, so you can't get every asteroid that comes your way - but, in between rounds, you'll be able to spend the points you've earned, and upgrading your ship makes this shooting game run a lot smoother.

Not only can you improve your charging rate, but also you'll be able to increase the stats of your ship and other features when it comes to firepower. The great thing is, the more asteroids you destroy, the more upgrades you'll eventually receive - so it pays to be in harm's way in Hover Phoenix.

Overall, Hover Phoenix is a fun shooting game that puts a lot of emphasis on gameplay and upgrading. As you travel through the solar system in your ship, you'll come across progressively difficult missions - but, if you can survive, you'll be end up fending off some of the hardest routes in the galaxy - and you'll find that it's a lot of fun.