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Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion Instructions

Use the mouse and left mouse button - point and click to shoot, but be as accurate as possible. Mow down zombies as they walk toward your guard tower, but if any get by unscathed, you'll lose a life. Cycle through your purchased weapons with the up and down arrow keys, and use the G key to throw a grenade when the zombies get overwhelming - but you can only use it every so often.

Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion Walkthrough

As one of the last soldiers left in the fight against the dead, Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion is one shooting game that will pit you against a seemingly unending amount of enemies. You'll start out with a certain number of lives, depending on which difficulty you've selected (and there are both campaign and survival modes). Each time a zombie walks past your guard tower, you'll lose a life - and even though each level has a time limit, and will eventually end, the zombies remain where they were last standing.

So you'll have to take out every single enemy in this shooting game if you want to survive. There are ten levels to play through, and 8 different types of guns to purchase - if you have enough cash. At the end of each level, your score (and cash) is determined by accuracy, headshots, and the number of zombies killed; it pays to be a good shot. As the levels go on, you'll need stronger, more expensive weapons, but they're not always as accurate, so you won't be able to get many headshots.

Choosing between accuracy and clicking away is something you won't want to do, but as the levels go on, the waves of zombies will increase - exponentially. Eventually, instead of shooting accurately, you'll start shooting frantically, and why this shooting game becomes a lot more fun as the levels go on.

Overall, Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion may seem like a standard zombie-themed shooting game, but with two difficulties, tons of weapons to purchase, and an incentive to make headshot after headshot, it's a whole lot of fun. Try not to let too many zombies overrun your guard tower in this zombie romp - you just might regret it.