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Hitstick 5 Instructions

Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Reload by pressing 'space'.

Hitstick 5 Walkthrough

Hitstick 5 is a challenging and intense first person shooting game that puts you in the role of assassin as you work to complete various missions using various disguises and weapons. It isn't an easy game to conquer, but it's a lot of fun and will definitely keep your attention from beginning to end. The missions vary in difficulty from fairly easy to extremely challenging. The real challenge of the game is that unlike many first person shooting games online, you aren't just required to shoot your enemies to accomplish your goals. In some cases you will only need to find and use disguises to advance in the level. The problem is that for someone who isn't used to playing this type of more logic based first person shooting game it can be hard to tell when you need to kill and when you don't. If you want to make it through the game, though, you will need to figure it out.

Because Hitstick 5 can be a bit difficult to understand in the beginning even for experienced first person shooting game players, I'll offer a walk through of the first stage that will tell you exactly what you have to do to make it through. It's complicated, but once you get through the first stage and understand what it takes to beat it, you'll have a much easier time figuring out the next three stages. For those ones, you'll be on your own with only this one piece of advice to guide you - take the time to use the map that's given to you and walk through the level without attempting to shoot or tranquilize anyone. This gives you a chance to see where you need to go and figure out what you need to do. Think about the moves you make before you make them and work forward from there. This is a game about planning and strategy almost as much as it is about shooting. Take your time. There is no time limit. If you rush, you will likely fail your mission.

The first stage in Hitstick 5 is 'Showtime'. Your mission briefing tells you who you need to kill and gives you a little background information regarding why you need to kill these people. Take a few moments to read it and also to familiarize yourself with who you need to kill. If you want to do well in the level, you need to avoid killing anyone that doesn't need to be killed. Remember, you do not need to kill anyone that isn't on the list under objectives. Once you except the mission, you'll be taken to the screen where you'll choose your weapon. Which weapon you choose is up to you but I would recommend the M16 and the SPA 12. To select your weapons, click on the weapons you want and then click 'Start Mission'.

When 'Showtime' opens in Hitstick 5 you find yourself in front of three windows with drama masks in them. There are two arrows on the ground; one on the left side of the screen and one on the right side of the screen. Clicking on one of these arrows will take you in the corresponding direction. To begin, we're going to go right so click on the arrow on the right. You'll see a guard. He will not fire on you until you select a weapon. The guard is not on the list so you don't have to kill him. At the top right of the screen you'll see 'menu', a figure that represents you beside a series of dashes that represent your health. If you run out of health, your game is over, so keep an eye on those dashes. To the right of the 'you' figure, you'll see a white symbol that will turn red when you hover over it with your mouse. Click that symbol. A menu will open up offering three options; two guns and two hypodermic needles that form a cross. Since we don't need to kill the guard, we will need to tranquilize him. Click on the needles and shoot the guard. Do it quickly as he will begin shooting at you as soon as you select the needles. When the guard falls, click on him to steal his clothes. The 'you' figure will now be wearing the guard's uniform. Handy, right?

Once you are wearing the guard's clothes, click the left arrow to go back to your starting point. Since we already followed the right arrow and stole a guard's clothes, we're going to go left. We'll be confronted by two guards but, surprise! They think we're one of them and we can pass easily into the lobby of the theater by clicking on the arrows in front of the doors. Once inside the theater you'll be confronted by a man and a women. These people are theater goers and not on the list so we don't need to kill them. We don't even have to tranquilize these two finely dressed folks. Click on the right arrow and stroll right passed them. Once you've gone up the stairs by clicking on the right arrow, you're going to be confronted by two more guards. These guards will also not be able to see through your disguise so you can simply ignore them. Beside you to the left, you'll see a door. Two of your targets lie behind that door. Click on the arrow pointing toward the room you want to enter and be ready to shoot.

An important thing to remember about Hitstick 5 is that you must always remember what weapon you are armed with, if any, and what weapon you need to be armed with. In this case, you will need to click on the white symbol (the symbol you clicked on to select your needles) and choose one of your guns. Your targets will be sitting on the second balcony. Shoot them in the back of the head. Click on the symbol again and choose to put all of your weapons away. Nothing raises suspicion like walking around pointing a big gun at everyone. Leave the room and return to the lobby of the theater (click the arrow at the bottom of the screen pointing to the stairs on the left) choosing to take the other set of stairs this time (the ones on the left side of the lobby). Once at the top of the stairs you will see a guard standing in front of the door at the end of the hall. This is where you need to go to take out your third target. Tranquilize the guard, enter the door and kill your third target. Return to the hallway, enter the other door and shoot your final target. He will be seated on the stage behind the curtain on the right side. You'll need a long range weapon to make this shot. Now it's time to escape.

Escaping is likely the easiest part of Hitstick 5; at least in the 'Showtime' stage of the game. All you need to do is back track. After killing your final target return to the hallway then to the lobby of the theater. Leave the theater past the unsuspecting guards and go right. This will bring you back to where you started the game. Take a right. The first guard you tranquilized will still be lying there in his underwear. With your mission completed, change back into your normal clothes. They'll be lying by the unconscious guard. Click on the folded cloths to put them back on. Take a right and you're done. Mission accomplished. Simple as that.

The missions get much more difficult as you progress in Hitstick 5, but if you remember to take the time to read your mission briefing carefully, familiarize yourself with your objective and look over the stage before you begin shooting, you should have no trouble getting the hang of the game. This isn't your typical first person shooting game. You need to really think before you make your moves. You need to figure out where you're supposed to go and how you're supposed to get there. It isn't easy, but once you get through the first stage, you've at least got an idea of what is going to be expected of you. This is an excellent game that any fan of first person shooting games need to try at least once. You'll have a blast even if you can't beat the game without retrying a few levels. Be patient though. You will get it eventually.