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Hitstick 2 Instructions

Move to a new location by clicking arrows with the left mouse button. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Reload with 'space'.

Hitstick 2 Walkthrough

The sequel to the smart and action predecessor, Hitstick, Hitstick 2 is everything fans of the original game were hoping for and so much more. In this game, you have the option of playing in stealth mode or just going on a full out rampage as you try to complete your mission. The premise if fairly simple as it normally is in first person shooting games. You are an assassin and you've been hired to take out an enemy of your company. The details on the actual mission are a bit sketchy. You don't really know why you need to kill Shiba Makimura but in the grand scheme of things, that's really not all that important. You've been hired to do a job and you need to do it. That's just what hired assassins do.

The agency you're working for has been hired by a mysterious client that wants you to take out Mr. Makimura although they won't say why. The problem is that he is a heavily guarded man and you're going to encounter many obstacles as you make your way through the mission. If you want to succeed you will need to have fairly good shooting skills as this mission is going to require some quick thinking and fast shooting. The great thing is that there is at least one health syringe hidden in the level so if you find yourself wounded, seek out the syringe. It will help you replenish your health.

The only way to get through Hitstick 2 successfully is to keep your eyes open and your wits about you. There is a key card you will need to complete your mission and if you fail to pick it up, you will fail the mission; unless, of course, you've armed yourself with the dragunov sniper rifle, but we'll talk more about that in a moment. The key card is fairly easy to miss your first time through so make sure you look for it. Oddly enough, once you see it, you'll be amazed you missed it the first time around. All the same, getting that key card is important so don't miss it.

When you first begin your mission in Hitstick 2, you'll be asked to pick your weapons. You're only allowed two so choose wisely. There are no fancy upgrades or no weapons shops throughout the game. You have only the weapons you enter the game with. I would highly recommend choosing the dragunov for one of those weapons as it will make this mission much, much easier to complete. The dragunov will eliminate the need to the key card as this high powered rifle will be able to take Mr. Makimura out from a distance. You'll still need to find the right location to take your shot from, but that's not really all that hard to do if you pay attention to your surroundings.

If you're the type of gamer who is inclined to type in a cheat code every now and again, Hitstick 2 has more than enough to help you out and keep you happy. I personally prefer playing without the cheat codes as in this game, the cheats can make the game pretty easy. You only have one mission to complete so take your time and enjoy the game instead of rushing to the finish with cheats. That said, if you're having trouble getting to the end and would rather cheat, choose 'password' from the main menu, type in your cheat and hit 'okay'. There is a link to a full list of cheats on the password screen, but the most helpful cheats for this game are; 'resgod' (invincibility), 'fstbur' (faster firing for your weapon), 'beedapack' (gives you all the items you need to collect) and 'concie' (gives you full access to all zones).

Overall, Hitstick 2 is a great first person shooting game that more than lives up to the expectations set by it's incredible predecessor. The only real problem with this game is that it's far too short offering only one mission for you to complete. If you're a newcomer to mission based first person shooting games, you may have a bit of trouble getting through the game so it will offer more of an exciting challenge. More experienced first person shooting game players are likely going to fly through the entire game in a matter of minutes - with or without the help of cheat codes. Even so, despite it's far too quick end, this is an excellent game to kill a little time with that any fan of first person shooting games needs to play at least once.