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Hitstick Instructions

Aim at targets with your mouse, click the left mouse button to shoot, and hit the spacebar to reload your gun. Press the Q key to switch weapons - use your sniper rifle on enemies too far away to take out with your handgun. Above all else, try not to get shoot too often; take out the waves of enemies before they get you.

Hitstick Walkthrough

Hitstick is an assassination game where you'll not just have to take on one target, but an army of thugs that know where you are. So, as enemies pop up, you'll have to get rid of them quickly - with your handgun or sniper rifle - before the next appears. Keeping up with the amount of enemies that suddenly appear in this shooting game is everything - because, if you don't take them out as soon as possible, they'll be too much to handle - and you won't be able to keep up before you inevitably die.

There are a bunch of different levels to choose from in Hitstick, although some of them are locked, and require a previous level to be completed before you access them. In each level, you'll have spots where you can easily take out henchmen with your handgun - and spots where you'll have a hard time sniping an enemy. With three difficulties to choose from, it's a good idea to play through Hitstick on easy difficulty first - to get a feel of the game - before you consider yourself a master assassin.

With the entire game being based on the Hitman series, Hitstick is a great sniping and shooting game. And, even though every enemy you'll take out looks exactly the same, the game is still tons of fun to play - and really hard to keep up with, especially as you increase the difficulty of the game. But, if you consider yourself a sharpshooter, or someone who really enjoys shooting games, Hitstick will be right up your alley. With a bunch of levels to complete, this is one flash game that will test your patience.