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Here To Collect Instructions

Move with the WASD keys, reload with the R key, and cycle through your weapons by pressing the 1-4 number keys. Aim with your mouse, shoot with the left mouse button, and hit the ESC key for an options menu. Unlock achievements for playing exceptionally well and getting lots of kills - just try to survive for as long as you can in this zombie shooting game.

Here To Collect Walkthrough

Here to Collect is a cross between a few genres: it's a shooting game, you'll face waves and waves of enemy zombies, and you'll have to pick up as much ammo as you possibly can. If you were to compare it to any popular console game, it's definitely similar to the Resident Evil series - since, as said before, most of the enemies you'll be fighting against are zombies.

And, as you kill waves and waves of enemies, you'll come across new weapons like shotguns, machine guns, and everything else you can get your hands on. But, there is something you have to keep in mind; as you collect ammo for your side weapons, they'll max out - so you should expend as much ammo as you collect, otherwise there's no point in collecting any at all.

Next, since the game is wave-based, you'll want to make sure that you don't get surrounded - no matter what. Even if you kill enough enemy zombies to make it to the next wave, any you haven't will remain; so don't let any extra zombies add up through the rounds Remember that in this shooting game, you have a lot of room to work with. So, make sure you keep your distance from large groups of zombies, and make sure that you don't get cornered - or anything even close. Unlike other shooting games, you'll have to keep steady aim - so try not to waste any ammo whatsoever.

Overall, Here to Collect is a great zombie-themed shooting game. You'll have tons of fun dispatching hordes of the undead, and if you do ever get eaten alive, you'll be able to restart quickly enough - and try to clear every wave again. If you make it to the later waves, you'll come across some really cool weapons - so your patience is definitely rewarded in this flash game.