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Heavy Pawnage Instructions

Heavy Pawnage is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. The J, K, and L keys are used to attack with weapon one, weapon 2, and your robotic arm respectively. The P key pauses the game.

Heavy Pawnage Walkthrough

Heavy Pawnage is a blend of shooting game and side-scrolling beat 'em up. This shooting game features simple keyboard controls, an impressive arsenal, numerous upgrades, and colorful graphics reminiscent of the anime series, SD Gundam.

There are twelve levels to complete in Heavy Pawnage. Your objective on each level is to survive until time runs out, killing as many enemies as possible. You can take a pacifist stance and still complete a level, but you will have to kill a certain quota of enemies if you want to unlock the next level. If you need more kills to unlock the next level, you can play previously-beaten levels to meet the quota. Your progress is automatically saved in this shooting game, so you can continue from where you left off at a later time if you need to quit.

The keyboard is used to control Heavy Pawnage. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move. The J key is used to fire the weapon in slot one, the K key is used to fire the weapon in slot two, and the L key is used to perform melee attacks. Melee attacks are extremely useful for breaking open crates and conserving your ammo in this shooting game. You will also move faster with your melee weapon drawn.

You will have access to an upgrade shop after each level of Heavy Pawnage. Your starting weapons (especially the shotgun) are good enough for the first few levels, so it is a better idea to upgrade what you have rather than to buy new weapons at first. The shotgun upgrade will be especially useful to increase the amount of shotgun ammunition that you carry. After this upgrade, I advise you to purchase the armor and damage upgrades to increase your resilience to damage and the damage that you deal to enemies. If you need more gold to buy the items that you want, you can replay levels that you have already beat. It is also a good idea to break open crates and other destroyable items since they may have gold (or other useful things) inside.

Heavy Pawnage combines the beat 'em up and shooting game genres into one addictive package. "Pawn" your enemies in this thrilling action game!