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Rating: 3/5 stars (13 ratings)

Hardboiled Instructions

Use to your mouse as the game directs - to shoot, to click and drag, or to mouse over a certain portion of the screen. Depending on mini-game you're playing, you'll have to adapt the controls accordingly.

Hardboiled Walkthrough

Hardboiled is a unique compilation of mini-games that progressively increase in difficulty as the game goes on. You'll have to complete a mini-game before you move on to the next, but you'll only have 7 lives to make it through all 45 levels. But, if you can make it through all 45 levels, you'll attain the rank of hardboiled; it's the ultimate goal of the game.

But it's not as easy as you'd think. While the first few games you'll play are easy enough, the game will have you play through the same mini-games over and over, but make them much more difficult. Some of these mini-games are shooting games, while others will have you drawing through mazes. You'll have a small amount of time to complete each game, and if you can't beat it, you'll lose a life.

If you're having trouble on a certain mini-game, and don't think you can beat, you can always choose to skip it. You'll be able to skip three mini-games in Hardboiled, but if you choose not to skip any, you'll get an extra hundred points after you complete the game, and a better shot at the highscore boards.

Overall, Hardboiled is a fresh, unique game - comprised of mini-games - that's a lot of fun. With plenty of shooting games, drawing games, and platforming games to play through, it might take you a while to reach the rank of hardboiled. With great graphics, unique mini-games you won't be able to find anywhere else, Hardboiled is a flash game that gives you a compelling feeling to keep playing - and you wont' want to stop until you've finally beaten it.