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Gunfire Echoes Instructions

Gunfire Echoes is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The R key reloads your weapon. The Q and E keys are used to cycle weapons (you may also use the number keys 1 to 5 to switch directly to a weapon). The A and D keys pan the camera. When your rage bar is full, press the W key to boost your adrenaline or the S key to call in an airstrike. The spacebar pauses the game.

Gunfire Echoes Walkthrough

Gunfire Echoes is a defense shooting game. This shooting game features outstanding graphics, heart-pumping audio, sixteen achievements, and a variety of weapons and upgrades.

The objective of Gunfire Echoes is to defend your base from enemy forces. You are places in the role of a lone gunman and you must kill enemies from your vantage point before they destroy your base. Enemies do not directly attack you in this shooting game, so you can concentrate on saving the base rather than yourself. You can choose to play the campaign if you wish to follow the storyline of this shooting game, or play Survival mode if you want to get right into the action. The campaign automatically saves your progress.

Gunfire Echoes is simple to control. The most important functions, aiming and shooting, are controlled by using the mouse. Prompts will appear to help you learn how to use the more advanced functions. It should be noted that reloading in this shooting game is similar to the reload system used in Gears of War or Alien Swarm. Press the R key once to begin reloading, then once more to stop the reload bar. If you stop the bar while it is in the green range, you will be rewarded with extra ammunition. If you stop the bar too early or too late, however, your weapon will jam and take longer to reload.

Gunfire Echoes also features a leveling system and special abilities. Killing enemies earns experience points and and raises your rage bar. Scoring headshots not only does more damage to enemies, but it also gains more experience. When you level up, you gain skill points to allocate to various skills. I advise you to upgrade your weapons' damage as soon as you can to gain the upper hand in this shooting game. When your rage bar is full, you can use adrenaline (W key) or call in an airstrike (S key). I advise you to save your rage for dire situations.

Gunfire Echoes is a well-made defense game with a lot of upgrades and equipment. You should still keep in mind that it is skill that will win this game, not tools alone. Do you have what it takes to defend your civilization from destruction? Find out in Gunfire echoes!