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Gunbot Instructions

The controls for Gunbot are quite straightforward. With a little practice, this should be second nature to you. For basic movement, just use the W, A, S, and D buttons. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys although it feels a little awkward than the former. Anyway, once you run out of ammunition, just use the R button to reload. As for shooting down enemies, use your mouse - aim it and press the left click button to fire.

Gunbot Walkthrough

There's a new mechanical and gun-slinging weapon on the streets - it's Gunbot! The story behind this new gun-slinger on the block is quite loose and a little strange, too. You see, Gunbot's sister (who is a beetle and doesn't look in any way like him) loses the purple stone with a lizard on it. A guy named Gronkomeau (I don't know which country he's from) stole it. Gunbot has to get it back and he will use the only way he knows - through guns and bullets. OK, the story is not too compelling, BUT then you don't play shooting games for its mind bending story!

A platform / shooting game from Berzerk Studio, you will do the usual robot stuff with Gunbot. Collecting stars you encounter and shooting down enemies from left and right - these are just some of the stuff you will do on the regular with this game. Gunbot is controlled with a keyboard and a mouse as I have mentioned earlier. The more enemies you take out, the greater experience points and levels you gain. As you level up, you get new skills added to your arsenal of stunts like double jump and fire bomb.

When killed, your enemies also drop money... money that you can use to buy MORE guns that have greater firepower. In this shooting game, guns have different stats and features. There are triple-shooting guns; some unleash bullets and projectiles that bounce; and those are just to name a few. Every now and then, you may also pick up a new shield that gives you more health and other bonuses.

Your main objective for most of the levels is to get to the other end in one piece. HOWEVER, for the extra challenge and extra money, you can also hunt down and collect all of the stars. And don't worry about dying. You will still keep all of the money you have earned before you died. After each of the three worlds you play in, you will go head to head against a boss. So what's your reward for finishing a level? Aside from getting to move forward to the next world and level, you are treated to a nice cut scene that unfolds more of the story. Again, you won't play the game for the plot or the story, BUT it doesn't take away the fact that it's fun to watch. Oh! And one last reminder, you are a robot... so steer clear of the water.

Gunbot is FUN no matter how you look at it. At first, the levels you will be in are quite short and the enemies in it offer almost no resistance at all. HOWEVER, as you progress into the game, the levels get longer and the enemies get tougher. The difficulty level smoothly progresses. While you can buy more powerful weapons that will allows you to coast through a couple of levels, it will not take long before things get harder again. HOWEVER, it's never too hard that it gets frustrating. Keep in mind that you will still die in the game... just a couple of times though. If you ever pull it off without dying even once, you must be the king of platformer / shooting games. Now, when you hit a plateau - a level that you can't seem to beat, don't worry. You can always get back to a level; collect the coins over and over again... milk it for what it's worth; buy a brand-spanking new gun; and win the level you were stuck on earlier.

While the controls are quite smooth and simple to get a hang of, the cliff grabbing part is not as flawless. It's not a big deal though. BUT there is one level that requires you to do that right from the onset so you have to put up with it for a while.

Summing things up, Gunbot has almost everything you could ask for from a shooting game. It's funny; the difficulty ramp steps up smoothly; the story is fun to watch; and the game play is action packed. As for the game's length, it's long enough to satisfy the inner gun slinger in you... BUT not too long that t gets boring and old. The 'star collecting' part also gives it some nice replay value and makes it more challenging. Believe me, collecting all of the stars in the game is by no means an easy task!

OK, enough talk! Take Gunbot out there and do what you have to do - shoot down dinosaurs!