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GunBlood Instructions

The controls of Gun Blood is very easy to pick up on. Just like most shooting games, you don't need anything else but your mouse (especially the left click button) to play the game. Nothing really fancy or complicated as far as controls go. BUT as you will see, this game is a heck lot of fun!

GunBlood Walkthrough

GunBlood - as the name suggests, this game is oozing with blood, violence, and gore! So not for kids definitely. BUT if you are a grown up, you will surely love this. It's another shooting game developed by Wolfgames and was initially launched at the world famous Newgrounds. Anyway, GunBlood is one of those wild west style duel.

The weapon shoot be on your hips while the countdown is on going (your mouse hovered on the barrel). Once the countdown runs out, the action begins! Shoot until your opponent is down - blast his head off if you need be. The survivor will be hailed as the fastest gunslinger or if you are caught cheating, you will be executed Wild West style!

The action and gunslinging alone may be enough replay value for many. BUT if you are on the hunt for shooting games that have complicated background stories or game play, this isn't it and you can move on with clear conscience. BUT if you just want to get on with shooting and leaving someone's face like hamburger and covered with blood, there are only a couple of games that can rival GunBlood.

My Strategy: Well, since this is a wild west style shooting game, the best way to go is to shoot for your opponent's head right after the countdown. HOWEVER, for people like me who's mouse control and reflexes aren't that good, it's almost impossible. So here's my strategy: cripple them RIGHT away. I shoot for the knees or somewhere in the leg.

The sends them down to the ground and also puts off their aim. Once they are down to the ground, their heads will just be begging to have a bullet sunk into them. The downside is that at the latter stages, where the difficulty is higher and your opponent's are faster, you may go down first before you can cripple them. HOWEVER, this strategy has brought me to the final stage and only then did I fail. Not bad for someone who doesn't play shooting games often and who's aim sucks BIG time.

The only downside in this game is that once you are dead, you cannot restart the level. You need to start from Level 1. HOWEVER, there's a workaround. Here are the level codes that you can key in so you jump on the level where you just died: LEVEL1, LEVEL2, LEVEL3, LEVEL4, LEVEL5, LEVEL6, LEVEL7, LEVEL8, LEVEL9, BONUS1, BONUS2, BONUS3, and BONUS4.

Also for those if you who are having a hell of a time and go down almost instantly, here are some cheats that will help you survive (but takes the thrill and fun from the game): nohit (gives you invulnerability), moreammo (grants you unlimited ammo), fastfire (shoot insanely faster), pointer (it gives your weapon a laser pointer for better aiming), and that's it.