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Gravitee Wars Instructions

Gravitee Wars is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click and drag from the selected unit to aim. Release the mouse button to shoot. To cancel a shot, put the mouse back over your unit and release the mouse button. The arrow keys (or IJKL keys) move your units around planets. You may also use the Q and E keys to move your unit counterclockwise and clockwise around a planet respectively. The WASD keys move the camera around the map. The P key is used to pause the game, and the R key is used to restart levels.

Gravitee Wars Walkthrough

Gravitee Wars is the third game in the Gravitee series of physics games. Unlike the first two games of the series, which were peaceful games of gravity golf, Gravitee Wars is a war game that puts you in control of a team of red bots at war with bots of other colors! This shooting game features a variety of upgrades, a diverse arsenal of weapons, and challenging gameplay!

Your objective in Gravitee Wars is to destroy all enemy bots while preventing the same from happening to your bots! To accomplish your goals in this strategy game, you must use weapons and gravity to your advantage. If you destroy all enemy bots, you will advance to the next level, but if all of your bots are destroyed, you will have to play the level over again. If you wish to restart a level manually, you may do so by pressing the R key.

Gravitee Wars in a simple game to control. Click on the selected unit and drag to aim your shot. The blue line that appears from your unit indicates the general direction of your shot. Release the mouse button to fire. If you wish to move your unit, you may use the arrow keys, the IJKL keys, or the Q and E keys. I advise using the Q and E keys since they are more straight-forward when moving your units, and allow you to have one hand on the mouse, and your other hand on the keyboard within proximity of the WASD keys (use to move the map).

Direct fire isn't the only way to win in Gravitee Wars. All objects in this shooting game are effected by the gravity of planets. The larger the planet, the greater its gravitational pull will be. As missiles and other weapons impact the surface of planets, chunks of the planet will be blown away, reducing its gravitational force. If you manage to blow an enemy unit off of a smaller planet's surface, there is a good chance that they may go floating off into space and out of the boundary of the map. This results in instant death for the enemy, regardless of how much health they had remaining. Be careful though, because this can happen to your units as well, even if it was a friendly fire incident!

Gravitee Wars is a shooting game that will satisfy your urge for action as well as stimulate your mind with its physics game and strategy game elements. Experiment with various weapons and tactics, and see if you can conquer the galaxy in Gravitee Wars!