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GLave Instructions

GLave is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move and the Z key to shoot.

GLave Walkthrough

GLave is a Flash game that is like a two-dimensional version of Tomb Raider (without the emphasis on puzzles or fanservice). This platform game features numerous planets and systems to explore, four achievements, and upgrades to keep your robot in fighting shape!

The objective of GLave is to boldly go to new worlds, seek out new life, destroy it, and take their artifacts. It's for science, so it's justified. You are given unlimited time to accomplish this task, but your health is limited, as indicated in the upper-left corner of the game's interface. If you lose all of your health, your robot will explode and the level will end. Not to worry; you are given unlimited lives and unlimited retries in this shooting game. On top of that, any coins that you collected are yours to keep, so you can buy upgrades and come back to the planet for revenge (and the artifacts, of course)!

If you want to explore more places in the galaxy than the first two planets, then I advise you to visit the Black Market in the Enno system. From here, you can upgrade you weapon, armor, and jumping ability. I advise you to upgrade your weapon first. It is the cheapest upgrade, and will help you to deal with enemies. Investing in armor upgrades is a good idea as well, but should be saved for later since they are expensive. Upgrades to your jumping capability can be saved for last since you will be able to reach most platforms in the initial stages of this adventure game without them.

Aside from upgrades, the Black Market allows you to change the weapon mod that you use for free. There are four weapon mods in GLave: basic, large, piercing, and bouncing. The basic shot is an all-around weapon that is useful in just about any situation. I advise newcomers to this platform game to stick to the basic shot mod. The large projectile is slower-moving, but packs a wallop. If you can make your shots connect, the large projectile might be right for you. The piercing mod is good for taking down groups of enemies that are lined up, but projectiles from this weapon mod deal less damage. The bouncing mod fires projectiles that ricochet off of surfaces. This weapon is tricky to use, so I only advise experts to try it. This shooting game only allows you to use one weapon mod at a time, so choose wisely!

GLave is an amazing adventure game that is challenging enough for platform game fanatics, but forgiving enough for casual gamers. If you are a fan of run-and-gun platformers, then you won't want to miss GLave!