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Gibbets 2 Instructions

Draw your arrow by clicking the bow with the left mouse button. Choose the strength of your shot by dragging the cursor away from the bow. Aim your shot using the mouse. Fire your shot by releasing the left mouse button.

Gibbets 2 Walkthrough

Gibbets 2 is an excellent arrow shooting game loaded with fun (albeit morbid) graphics and challenging puzzles that will keep you playing level after level. Your goal is simple; use your trusty bow and arrow to sever the nooses holding innocent stringing up all of the innocent people in a level. Here's a hint - they're all innocent so you'll need to save everyone. How did they get in the nooses? Is there a mad man on the loose hanging innocent people at the gallows? Well, perhaps we'll never know, but a back story isn't important in a game this fun. Sure it's a bit twisted, but that just makes it all the better and hey, you get to play the role of hero. That's always fun. You have to save the poor hapless victims from their unfortunate fate before time runs out. Run out of time and fail your mission. You are given the option to restart though, so don't lose hope. You're also able to restart from the beginning of the level at any point during the game so if you make a mistake, you can just start over. There are likely going to be a few levels you need to use this option for but don't get frustrated. This game is well worth the time it takes to make it to the end.

In Gibbets 2, you have only a limited number of arrows to use to get those poor people out of their nooses and safely on the ground so you need to think carefully so you don't waste your arrows. Remember though, you have a limited amount of time to get the people down so you also have to think fast. That's what makes this game so hard. That's also what makes the game so much fun. The number of arrows you have to complete the challenge in the level is shown in the center of the top of your screen. In some levels, however, you'll see bonuses that offer extra arrows. These bonuses can be a great help if you're sure the number of arrows you've been given won't be enough to complete the challenge. These arrows are shown in white ovals with an arrow symbol. The number in the oval indicated the number of arrows offered as a bonus. You won't always need these bonus arrows however, so don't waste time trying to get them unless you're sure you'll need them.

In addition to arrow bonuses, you'll also see point bonuses throughout Gibbets 2. These point bonuses go a long way to helping you get a high score, but remember, extra points won't be of much use if you fail to save the hanging victims. Don't waste arrows or time on point bonuses if you aren't very adept with your bow and arrow. Focus on saving the victims. As you improve your skills, which you will do as you play, you can start collecting bonus points. If you're new to arrow shooting games, save the victims your first time through the game and then try playing again from the beginning, trying to collect as many points as you can. You'll be a much better shot by the time you reach the end of the game and won't find it nearly as challenging to save the victims while also trying for a high score.

The great thing about Gibbets 2 that you don't get with many arrow shooting games online is that there are actually multiple ways to boost your score throughout the game. Aside from the above mentioned point bonuses, you'll double your level score if you are able to save two victims with one arrow. You'll triple your score if you save three victims with one arrow. This is easiest to do if the victims are hanging in a straight line and you have a direct shot with your bow, but you can also sometimes save more than one victim with a single arrow if the victims are hanging diagonally. Be careful though, it's incredibly easy to shoot one of the victims when you're going for a multi-kill shot. Try to ensure you have enough force behind your shot and are using the proper angle before you let your arrow fly.

When you're confronted by a teleporter (a white oval with four green arrows pointing inward to the center of the oval) in Gibbets 2, it's important to be wary of it. It can be of great benefit, allowing you to save victims you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise, but it can also cause problems. When your arrow hits a teleporter, your bow will move to where the teleporter is. As I mentioned, that can be both helpful and harmful. Look at the situation you're in and decide whether you need to move your bow or not. If you do, aim for the teleporter. If you don't, avoid it. It's also important to remember the teleporter does not trade places with your bow. Once you've use it, it will disappear. Make sure you save any victims you will only be able to reach with your bow in it's starting position before you use the teleporter or you won't be able to reach them and will have to restart the level.

In addition to the arrow bonuses and teleporters, you'll also come across new arrow bonuses in Gibbets 2. These, like the teleporters, can be a great help or a great hindrance. Make sure you look at the situation you're in before you use them. A new arrow bonus will create a new arrow that will be shot in whatever direction it is facing. In some levels, you will need these arrows to complete the challenge put before you as you won't be able to reach certain victims without the help of the new arrow bonuses. In other levels, however, hitting the new arrow bonuses will do little more than create an arrow that will shoot your victim, greatly reducing his health and the amount of time you have to cut him down before he expires. Again, look at the situation and pay attention to where the arrow will go. If you can reach all of the victims on your own, don't bother with the new arrows. They'll only lead to bad things.

Overall, Gibbets 2 is an excellent arrow shooting game any fan of arrow shooting games needs to try at least once. You don't have to be the most skilled shooter to make it to the end, but it certainly doesn't hurt. The great thing about this game is that the graphics and the premise are fun enough that even beginners having a hard time getting the hang of the game will enjoy it while more experienced players will love the challenge the game presents. All in all, this is a game everyone can enjoy regardless of experience or skill level. The key to making it through to the end of this game is to carefully look at the level and avoid traps. Pay attention to where you need your arrow to go and what you need to do to get it to go there. Think fast but carefully. Acting rashly will just make you waste your arrows. Every single level in this game can be beaten by anyone of any experience level as long as they're patient. Check this one out. You'll be glad you did.