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Gib Fest Multiplayer Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Move up using 'w'. Move down using 's'. Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Throw a grenade using 'space'. Recharge using 'r'. Visit the shop or customize your character by pressing 'c'. Use a skill by pressing 'e'. Change guns using 'q'.

Gib Fest Multiplayer Walkthrough

Gib Fest Multiplayer is one of the most addictive, most engrossing and most fully features action shooting games online. The story is incredible, the graphics are stunning for a game in this genre and the action is truly difficult. While with most action shooting games there is a lot of temptation to skip the story, take the time to read this one. It's worth it. The story gives this game a real edge over other games in the genre, providing the game with more depth and making it even more engrossing. In addition to a great story, the graphics in this game are exceptional. They look great but won't prevent the game from running smoothly on slower machines that have a hard time running graphics intensive games. They also don't distract from the game play, rather making the game visually appealing without being overly flashy and dramatic. This game is really everything an action shooting game should be - fun, nice looking with a good story and interesting characters to cap it all off.

In Gib Fest Multiplayer, you can play as one of three different characters; each character having his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Baby, or Alexis Jobs, is on a mission fueled by the desire to get revenge on those she believes murdered her father, scientist Bill Jobs. She likes pistols and machine guns. Cement Concrete, the somewhat unimaginatively named muscle of the operation, likes big guns and may or may not be in love with Alexis. Worm, or Moses Wasblack, is the brains of the operation. He liked grenades and shotguns and is Alexis' best friend. The back story for each character gives them far more depth than you would get with characters in most other action shooting games. That goes a long way in making the game more engrossing and more addictive. Take a moment or two to read the back story for each character before you begin. They're fairly short but are pretty amusing - worth the few seconds it will take to read them.

There are five different game play modes to choose from in Gib Fest Multiplayer. If you choose single player mode you can play in either 'story' or 'survival' mode. Story made is a level based game in which you need to complete objectives or survive to a certain point to progress to the next level while survival mode is just an all out onslaught in which your only goal is to survive as long as possible. You can also choose to play in multiplayer mode although it's a really good idea to play either survival or story single player mode first so you can purchase a decent gun. While the gun you start the game with is more than enough to get you through the first few levels in story mode and will help you survive for a while in survival mode, it will be of little use if you join a game in multiplayer mode. Once you're ready for multiplayer mode you can choose 'death match', 'team' and 'cooperative' game play modes. Each of these game play modes is different. Consider trying out all three to see which one you like the most. They're all a lot of fun. You can create your own game or join someone else's game. In multiplayer mode, there can be up to eight players in any one game.

Overall, Gib Fest Multiplayer is an excellent, engrossing and highly addictive action shooting game that offers more than most of the other action shooting games online. In a genre that is saturated with mindless games that follow the same basic premise, this game adds so much to the mix it feels completely different even though the basic premise is fairly common. Newcomers to action shooting games should definitely start out playing in single player mode for a while before they tackle multiplayer mode. Single player mode will allow beginners to get used to the controls of the game and get more familiar with how the game is played. More experienced players may want to tackle multiplayer mode right away, but it's a better idea to at least play single player mode long enough to build a strong arsenal. That will be much more difficult to do once you begin to face off against other players. The best way to do well in this game is to simply keep an eye on your radar which is shown at the bottom left of the game screen. Watch for enemies (indicated by red blips) and be prepared. Keep your eyes open and buy the weapons you need and you'll do fine.