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Ghosts and Grenades Instructions

Ghosts and Grenades is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The left, right, and up arrow keys are used to move. The down arrow key drops a grenade. The counterpart WASD keys may also be used. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot.

Ghosts and Grenades Walkthrough

There's something strange in the neighborhood. Who are you going to call? You won't have to call anyone if you have your own guns and grenades like you do in Ghosts and Grenades! Ghosts and Grenades is a shooting game featuring simple controls, sprite graphics, and numerous upgrades.

The objective of Ghosts and Grenades is to destroy all enemies and pipes to advance to the next round. As long as pipes are left standing, hostile ghosts will spew forth, so be quick about dropping your grenades down the pipes to stifle the flow of enemies. Colliding with enemies reduces your health. When your health is depleted, you will lose all of your money and items, but you will be able to continue the game from the current wave. Your progress is not saved in this shooting game, so if you decide to quit you will have to start at the beginning the next time that you play.

Ghosts and Grenades gives you an unlimited amount of ammunition but a limited supply of grenades as indicated by the grenade icons at the top of the screen. Dropping grenades on top of enemies is good for crowd control, but since your supplies are limited you should save them for pipes, especially in later levels of this shooting game where pipes are numerous. If you feel that you need more firepower to deal with enemies, it is better to upgrade your primary weapon rather than using grenades against enemies.

Ghosts and Grenades features four levels of primary weapons and four levels of grenades. The higher the level of weapon, the more damage it will do to enemies. Higher level weapons are also very expensive. The only way to earn money in this shooting game is by destroying pipes. Killing enemies does not earn money, so there is no reason to let enemies swarm on the screen; destroy those pipes as soon as possible to get the job done!

Ghosts and Grenades is a straightforward shooting game with retro-style graphics and action reminiscent of arcade games from the 1980's and 1990's. Ghosts and Grenades has enough action to satisfy hardcore fans of shooting games, but also has controls and gameplay concepts simple enough for casual gamers to understand.