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Galactic Rebellion Instructions

This game is more than just an online and flash shooting game. Galactic Rebellion combines the excitement of shooting games together with well known elements of real time strategy that made Starcraft, Battle Reams, and others chart topping hits! The controls are fairly easy - you just need to use your mouse and its left click button to build defenses and towers, grab upgrades, build barriers that will keep the enemies off of the command center, and everything else in between. What could be easier than that?!

Galactic Rebellion Walkthrough

In Galactic Rebellion, the old republic is now gone without a trace and has been replaced by the tyrannic Empire. You need to lead rebel forces to free the galaxy from the iron grip of the empire. Yeah, I know, this sounds like the plot of the Star Wars Series.

Anyway, the whole objective of the game is to do everything in your power to protect your command center from falling into the hands of the invaders. For you to advance to the next level, you need withstand all of the enemy waves. BUT don't rejoice yet, you are assured that the next level will be twice as hard and unforgiving!

To build the defenses of your command center, you need to build turrets. You have 7 different types of turrets at your disposal. Just click on one of them on the right side and plant them where you need them. BUT let me remind you, you need to have enough energy and crystals to build specific types of turrets and defenses.

Power stations delivers 5 energy points each and most of your units - harvesters, turrets, etc. need only 1 energy unit. On the other hand, you also need to pump out Refineries to mine minerals. Each refinery includes a harvester. As you can see, this tower defense and shooting game is almost identical to Starcraft - undoubtedly, one of the best real time strategy games of all time!