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Frontline Defense - First Assault Instructions

Buy, place and upgrade towers using your mouse or the keyboard shortcuts ('-' for range tower, '0' for rocket tower, '1' for rifleman tower, '2' for electro tower, '3' for shotgun tower, '4' for machinegun tower, '5' for sniper tower, '6' for bio tower, '7' for ice tower, '8' for heat ray tower, '9' for flame tower, '=' for power amp tower). Cancel placement of a tower with 'c'.

Frontline Defense - First Assault Walkthrough

Frontline Defense - First Assault is an engrossing, fast paced tower defense shooting game in which your goal is to destroy wave after wave of attacking enemies before they can reach their destination and destroy your base. You have twelve different tower types at your disposal and need to make it through twenty levels if you want to beat the game. this is one of the more difficult map based tower defense shooting games online simply because it can be quite difficult to find a strategy that will defend against all of the different kinds of enemies you will be confronted with. Some of the best towers the game offers are the most expensive ones, but you'll need them if you want to survive the tougher enemies at the end of the each level. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from so anyone, regardless of skill or experience level, can find a challenge in this game. Newcomers to this type of tower defense shooting game should stick with easy to get started. If you fair well, try again at a harder difficulty setting. Although more experienced players will be tempted to try the hardest difficulty setting first, it's a better idea to try out 'normal' first. If you find it too easy, try 'hard' but get a feel for the game in normal first.

The first thing you need to do in Frontline Defense - First Assault is select the mission you want to tackle. When you first begin, you won't have many missions to choose from but as you progress along the route you'll unlock new missions each time you complete an old one. Any missions you've completed will be displayed on the map in green while new missions are shown in red. To begin, choose a red mission and start playing. This game is all about strategy. You need to find a way to balance building a strong line of defense with reserving money for later levels. Spending all of your money in the beginning of the game is only going to leave you in want of money later on when the game becomes more challenging. The key to doing well in this game is figuring out what your need to get through the level without spending unnecessarily. The key is to focus on building inexpensive towers for the first few waves and simply upgrading them. Upgrades boost the range of the tower, the damage inflicted by the tower and increases the rate of fire. All of these things make even the most basic towers much stronger. Place a few towers at the entrance and exits of the course to begin with making sure to upgrade your towers. Once you have the entrance and exit covered, work on filling in the middle part of the course. In the beginning, a solid, upgraded tower at the entrance will be enough to take out the majority of your enemies.

Newcomers to map based tower defense games might have a bit of trouble making sense of all of the information presented to them on the game screen in Frontline Defense - First Assault. It's quite a bit more complex than more traditional shooting games, but it isn't all that hard to figure out. Basically, you have what wave you are on and how many waves there are in the level in total in the top left corner of the screen. This gives you an idea of where you are in the attack and how many more enemies you'll need to face off against before you make it to the next level. To the right of 'wave' you have your score and to the right of score you have your money. You'll be using your money to buy and upgrade towers so this is an important number to keep an eye on. The panel on the right side of the screen tells you all the information you need about your towers. In the top pane you will see the basic stats of the unit you have selected. If you're able to upgrade the tower, you will do so by clicking the plus sign next to the word upgrade in this top pane. If you don't have enough money to upgrade, you won't be able to click on it. You can also tell a selected tower by clicking on the 'sell' button. In the second pane, you will see the towers you have the funds to build. To learn more about a tower before you purchase it, hover your mouse over it. At the bottom of the panel, in the lower right side of the screen, you have your game controls. Once you have all of your towers placed and feel you're prepared for your enemies, click on 'next wave' and your enemies will approach. You can also pause and fast forward the action by clicking on the appropriate button in the bottom panel. To place a tower, click on the tower you want to buy and move your mouse over to the map. You are not able to place towers on top of each other or on the path.

The Skill Shop in Frontline Defense - First Assault can be the biggest asset you have in the game. It's also what sets this game apart from most of the other map based tower defense shooting games online. While many other tower defense shooting games offer upgrades you can purchase with the money you earn taking out your enemies, this game goes beyond that and gives you skill points you can use for a wealth of skill upgrades. There are five different allies you can train for battle using your skill points; mercenaries, grenadiers, marksmen, engineers and scientists. Each of these allies provides benefits for a different area of defense. Mercenaries increase the funds you earn allowing you to purchase more towers faster, grenadiers increase the damage your towers inflict on enemies, marksmen increase the range of your towers, engineers decrease the time it takes for your towers to reload and scientists increase the chance you will cause a damage effect (such as ice, fire and things of that nature) with your towers. Each of these things is important, but focus on the allies that will help you most in the short term first before focusing on more long term goals. Mercenaries and grenadiers are the most immediately beneficial, so focus on using your skill points on this allies first, then marksmen, then engineers. While scientists are excellent allies, focus your skill points on them last. You start the game with three skill points to spend and only earn more when you complete a mission, so be sure you spend those points wisely.

Overall, Frontline Defense - First Assault is an intense and addictive tower defense shooting game that will hold your attention the whole way through the game. While many map based tower defense shooting games get easier as the game progresses and therefore get bland or boring, this game avoids that trap by remaining challenging the entire way through. Finding a good strategy that works is hard in this one. You need to balance strong towers with weaker ones and need to build a solid line of defense while not wasting money. Beginners are going to have a hard time with this one, but it's well worth sticking it out. This is a game that is far too much fun to pass up. Remember that smaller, less expensive towers are a great idea in the first few waves of a level allowing you to take out the enemies you need to take out while still saving money for more advanced weapons. Keep that in mind and you should do fine.