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Frantic Frigates Instructions

Frantic Frigates is controlled by using the mouse. Guide your ship by moving your mouse. Press the spacebar to open the shop.

Frantic Frigates Walkthrough

Frantic Frigates is a casual shooting game developed by Berzerk Studio. This shooting game features lovely graphics, simple controls, twenty-seven achievements, and four challenging boss battles!

The objective of Frantic Frigates is to complete the game by destroying all four bosses. To reach the bosses, you must destroy enough enemies on each level. Once the quota of destroyed enemies has been met, the boss will appear. This shooting game doesn't give you much time to rest, as the next level will begin immediately upon the destruction of the boss. If your frigate is destroyed, the game will end. There is a silver lining, however: you will gain experience and level up depending on the progress that you have made. The higher your level, the more money you will start with, allowing you to buy upgrades at the beginning of the game! Your experience level is saved in this shooting game, so the next time that you play you can start with a souped up ship.

Frantic Frigates features a simple mouse control scheme. Move your mouse to guide your ship. Your ship will automatically fire at the nearest enemy without you having to click a single button!

The only key that you will need to press in this shooting game is the spacebar to open the shop. You do not have to upgrade your ship, but you are strongly advised to do so. Upgrade your ship to add an extra health point and inventory slot. You can buy items from the shop tab to increase your ship's speed, shooting power, firing rate, and more. I typically go for speed and maneuverability in top-down shooting games, but extra firepower seems to be more helpful in Frantic Frigates. Buying flags is also helpful since they provide multiple boosts while only occupying one inventory slot.

Frantic Frigates is an addictive shooting game that is simple on its surface, but will keep you busy if you want to obtain all of the unlocks. Hit the high seas and massacre your enemies in Frantic Frigates!