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Frantic 2 Instructions

Frantic 2 is controlled by using the keyboard or the mouse. If you use the keyboard, the WASD keys (or arrow keys) are used to move and the spacebar is used to activate your bonus. If you use the mouse, then your ship will follow your mouse cursor and clicking your left mouse button will activate your bonus.

Frantic 2 Walkthrough

Frantic 2 is a bullet-hell shoot'em up game that like its predecessor, lives up to its name. Frantic 2 features a rocking soundtrack, five difficulty levels, five ships to choose from, fourteen achievements, and frenzied gameplay.

The objective of Frantic 2 is to make it through each level alive. You will have to dodge enemies, tons of bullets, and destroy menacing bosses in this shooting game. Before beginning Frantic 2, you must choose the difficulty level at which you want to play. If this is your first time playing Frantic 2, or if you are not a hardcore player of verticle shooting games, then I suggest you to select the easy difficulty level. Also, the first ship on the list is probably the best choice for a beginner since it has balanced characteristics.

During each level of Frantic 2, enemies that you destroy may drop coins. These coins are used between levels to buy upgrades. The basic weapon is good enough in the beginning of this shooting game, and can actually be used through its entirety. If you decide to buy wingmen, the particle shower wingmen are probably your best bet. They are the most expensive, but they deal massive damage to your enemies. Finally, I advise you to buy the Big Green Heart to replenish your health unless you don't intend to get hit in this SHMUP game (which is quite a challenging feat).

If you want to score big in Frantic 2, you will need to increase your score multiplier, which in turn requires you to fill the tension bar. You can fill up the tension bar by rapidly destroying enemies or by grazing bullets. To grave a bullet, try to skim bullets with the edge of your ship. Just make sure that the bullets do not fully contact your ship or you will take damage and lose health rather than increase the tension bar!

If you enjoyed the first Frantic, then you will certainly enjoy its sequel, Frantic 2. Frantic 2 is a solid space shooting game, that put even the most ardent fan of shooter games to the test!