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Fox Fyre Instructions

Place your bunker with the mouse and the left mouse button. Aim your shot with the mouse or the left and right arrow keys. Fire your shot with the left mouse button or 'space'. Switch between bunkers (if you own more than one) with 'q', 'w', or 'e' or the up and down arrow keys. Switch weapons using number keys 1-5 (if you have more than one weapon equipped on your selected bunker). Equip a weapon you've purchased by clicking the weapon and dragging it into an available weapon slot under the bunker you want to equip it for while in the upgrades screen.

Fox Fyre Walkthrough

Fox Fyre is an addictive and entertaining tower defense shooting game in which you are at war over control of the Northern Lights. There are two game play modes to choose from; Campaign Mode and Infinate Mode. In Campaign Mode you will be challenged to destroy all enemies and enemy bunkers within sixty seconds. If you're able to meet that challenge you will move on to the next level. If you run out of time or your bunker is destroyed, you'll need to try the level again or start over from the beginning. In Infinate Mode, you have an unlimited amount of time to destroy as many enemy bunkers as you possibly can before your bunker is destroyed. Earn funds by hitting your enemy's bunker or for destroying their bunker entirely and use this money to buy new weapons and upgrades. You'll also earn additional funds for meeting certain level goals such as having perfect aim or destroying your enemy's bunker. Although the basic premise of the game is quite similar to that of many other tower defense shooting games online, this game also adds an element of physics shooting games to make things a little more difficult and a lot more interesting. That's what really sets this game ahead of the pack and makes it such a joy to play.

Experienced tower defense shooting game players are going to love the fact that Fox Fyre isn't just more of the same old thing. You aren't positioned at the top of a tower with a sniper rifle shooting enemies as they attack. You're not setting up turrets along a path. You're using your brain to determine the best angle to use when firing your shots to deliver the most damage possible and also to determine which enemy bunker, if there is more than one bunker, poses the most immediate threat and needs to be eliminated first. The fact that you aren't just pointing your weapon straight ahead and pulling the trigger makes this game quite a bit more difficult which in turn makes it a lot more exciting for the experienced player who is tired of the same old formula. The fact that the game is so different from the other action shooting games online, however, will make it a bit harder to get the hang of the controls, but this game is well worth the effort.

Fox Fyre offers a wealth of upgrades and additional weapons you can purchase between levels with the funds you earned during battle. Anyone familiar with tower defense shooting games such as this one is no doubt familiar with upgrades but newcomers may have a little trouble deciding what they should or shouldn't buy. All of the upgrades and additional weapons available offer at least some measure of benefit for the game, but choosing carefully is important. Instead of buying every item you have enough funds to purchase in the beginning of the game, save those funds until you absolutely need to spend them. If you lose a battle, you will be able to retry it and you'll be given the chance to purchase upgrades or weapons before you try again. While losing isn't fun, waiting to purchase advanced weaponry until your sure you need it ensures you will still have the funds when they're needed. The real trick to this game is to find the balance between defending your base, mounting a strong attack on your enemy and saving enough money to buy upgrades and weapons when you need them. There are twenty different weapons and upgrades available in total so there's lots to choose from. Figure out what you need the most and work on upgrading that first. If you're not sure what an upgrade does, hover your mouse over it. You'll get all the basic stats about the weapon and then you can determine what situation it would be most useful in.

The best way to get through all twenty levels in Campaign Mode in Fox Fyre is to focus on taking out the enemy bunker that is the most immediate threat and making good use of the funds you earn and the upgrades you purchase. It's also important to focus on getting the hang of finding the right angle to use to attack your enemy. For some, you need to hit them dead on. This can take a bit of trial and error, especially if you're having a hard time with the controls. It's vital that you take the time to perfect your aim though. Advanced weapons are great but are of little use if you can't hit your target with them. It's also important not to focus solely on the attack. You also need to make sure you spend a little money upgrading your bunker's defenses. Shields are vital in later levels. Make sure you have the money to purchase them while still leaving yourself enough money to heal any damage done to your bunker during battle. Starting out a new battle with a bunker that's severely damaged isn't going to work in your favor for that battle at all.

Overall, Fox Fyre isn't nearly as complicated as it sounds. It takes a little getting used to, but as long as you're willing to think about what you're doing as you play, you should be able to get through the game eventually. It might take a while bit it's well worth it. This is one of the best tower defense shooting games online simply because it is so different than the other games in the genre and offers such a unique challenge. Experienced players and newcomers alike are going to have a great time with this one although experienced players might have a bit of an easier time getting the hang of the game. This game never gets so frustrating you feel like you want to give up but is never so easy you don't feel entertained. If you're a fan of tower defense shooting games or physics shooting games this is definitely a game you need to check out.