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Fortress Guardian 2 Instructions

Aim your shot with the mouse. Draw your bow with the left mouse button. Shoot your arrow by releasing the left mouse button. Equip the sword by clicking it with the left mouse button. Attack with your sword using the left mouse button. Protect yourself with your shield with 'space'.

Fortress Guardian 2 Walkthrough

A hero's work is never done. In Fortress Guardian 2, you are back again as one of a handful of fearless warriors risking life and limb to battle the dark forces threatening to destroy your village. These evil forces are stronger than ever and the battle isn't going to be easy but if you are brave and pure of heart you will be able to rise to the task and save the day. Okay, perhaps it would be more accurate to replace brave and pure of heart with skilled at online first person shooting games but the point remains the same. This isn't an impossible game to beat, but it is difficult and will provide even the most experienced player with the challenge they're looking for. Loaded with new weapons, upgrades and multiple types of creatures to eliminate, this game will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Fortress Guardian 2 might be a bit difficult for those who are new to first person shooting games but that should dissuade beginners from giving it a shot. While it might seem a bit too hard at the beginning stick with it. With a little practice you'll improve your skills and perform much better in the game. It will take a little bit of getting used to but in time, the controls will become second nature and you'll be slaying the evil creatures with the best of them. For experienced players, the game is likely going to be significantly easier. In fact, the beginning of the game might be almost too easy. As you reach later levels, though, things get much more difficult as the creatures get harder to kill and attack in greater numbers. Stick with it and it will provide the challenge you're looking for.

Fortress Guardian 2, like many other first person shooting games online, offers a wide variety of upgrades you can purchase with the gold you earn for taking out your enemies. Spend your gold wisely and purchase only the upgrades you need and you should be able to do fairly well in this game. In addition to upgrades to your weapons, you will also earn upgrade points as you play which you can use to boost your skills. You can boost your strength, resistance and rapidity; three things that will greatly improve your performance in the game. While in other action shooting games it's a good idea to focus on one thing first when it comes to skill upgrades, all three of these skills are of vital importance in this game. Instead of fulling upgrading one of the skills first, spread your upgrade points out over all three of the skills evenly. If you have four skill points to use, use the remaining point to strengthen the area you need the most help in. For example, if you're defensive skills are lacking, it might be a good idea to use the extra skill point on your resistance.

The great thing about Fortress Guardian 2 is that the makers of the game have added several new types of weapons to the upgrade store. Since there are so many different types of weapons to choose from, it's important to choose wisely. Don't waste gold on weapons you don't need. Later in the game when things start getting more difficult, you'll need to have a little gold saved up to buy the more advanced weapons. If you're a skilled shooter, you can likely get through the first few levels of the game using your basic bow and upgraded arrows. Shoot carefully, though. Once you run out of your upgraded arrows, you'll have to use your basic arrows which may not be enough - even for advanced players to take out large armies of tough enemies. A good way to be sure you're prepared for the tougher enemies is to purchase a few advanced arrows in each level even if you don't use them right away. This allows you to build a robust arsenal of arrows without robbing yourself of a lot of extra gold at once.

As the first game did, Fortress Guardian 2 offers several cheat codes you can input if you're having trouble getting the hang of the game. The addition of cheat codes is something that really sets this game apart from most of the first person shooting games online and it is also one of the things fans of the original game were hoping would be back in this installment. To input a cheat code you will need to be on the upgrade screen. Bring up the cheat code panel by pressing 'c' and type in the code you want to use. Entering 'stall' will stall your enemies and make it much easier for you to take them out. 'Rewop' will add five strength points to your skill set, 'ytidipar' will add give rapidity skill points to your skill set and 'ecnatsiser' will add five resistance points to your skill set. Finally, 'gold' will give you an extra 1,000 gold. All of these cheat codes are exceptionally beneficial, but they take a little bit away from the enjoyment of the game. Make it as far as you can in the game without them and only use them if you get stuck and don't feel you'll be able to make it any further without them.

Overall, Fortress Guardian 2 is one of the most addictive and engrossing first person shooting games online. Newcomers to action shooting games will have a hard time making it through the first few levels but with a little persistence and a lot of patience, even beginners will be able to excel. Experienced players will find the game a bit too easy in the beginning, but as they progress will find the game offers the challenge they're looking for. The key to making it through this game is to keep your eyes open for new enemies approaching and to use your sword as fast as possible on any enemies that make it to the wall of your castle. This is an excellent game that will keep you entertained and coming back for more game after game.