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Fortress Guardian Instructions

Aim your bow with the mouse. Click and hold the left mouse button down to draw your arrow and choose the strength of your shot. Shoot your arrow by releasing the left mouse button. Click the sword with the left mouse button to equip that weapon. Use your shield by pressing and holding 'space'.

Fortress Guardian Walkthrough

Fortress Guardian is an intense and fast paced tower defense shooting game in which you have to defend yourself and your people from the attacking orcs seeking to gain control of your land. When you first begin playing the game you are told the that this fierce army of orcs is unrelenting and it is certainly that. These orcs attack fast and hard. You need to take them out as quickly as possible or risk losing your health and in turn, losing the game. For newcomers to tower defense shooting games, this one is going to prove quite challenging. In fact, even more experienced players are probably going to have a hard time with it when they first begin playing. This game isn't like most other shooting games online. You begin armed with a bow, basic arrows and a sword. Chances are you are going to need to use all of these weapons to get through the first level. It can be very difficult to take out enemies before they reach your tower wall. Once an enemy makes it that far they will climb up the tower wall with a ladder and you will need to use your sword to take them out. To take out enemies faster, you will need to purchase upgrades.

Upgrades can be purchased in Fortress Guardian between each level with the gold you earn for killing enemy orcs. You get a fair bit of gold for every orc you take out which will be more than enough to buy decent upgrades to get you further in the game. You'll see the upgrades screen as soon as you begin the game. It's the blue screen you see following the message you get about why you need to take out the orcs. At the left side of the screen there is a list of different types of upgrades you can buy. You begin with 100 gold, which is shown at the top right of your screen. At the top of the list on the left you have 'experience' upgrades. On this panel, you can upgrade your strength, resistance and rapidity. You'll also see how many enemies you've 'lulled'. These upgrades are a great way to make your character stronger for attack and stand up to attacks from enemies better.

Below 'experience' on the upgrade screen in Fortress Guardian you'll see 'bows'. Click on bows to see your options for bow upgrades. The basic bow you begin the game with (the shortbow) is shown at the top of the list. To do as well as you can do in this game, you'll need to buy more advanced bows. Different types of bows are capable of delivering different amounts of hit points in every attack on top of the hit points delivered by the arrow. The shortbow doesn't deliver any additional damage but it should be enough to get you through the first level if you're a good shooter and stay on your toes. The elven bow offers five additional hit points while the drowish offers 10. The rare bow is one of the best options delivering 15 hit points but the legendary is the best offering 20 additional hit points. While the legendary is the most expensive bow, it is well worth the gold. It will definitely help you get further in the game.

Below 'bows' you have 'arrows'. Buying the right arrows in Fortress Guardian is important. Different arrows offer different benefits. If you're having trouble taking out the orcs with your basic arrows, upgrade them to something a little better. Normal arrows are fine for the first few levels, but once you start facing off against tougher enemies that approach more quickly, you're going to need better arrows. Poison arrows are the best arrows in the game. They take out enemies fairly quickly, even the toughest ones, but they are also moderately expensive. You'll need to save up gold if you want to buy any quantity of the poison arrows. They're worth it though. Light arrows are also a good option. They don't have quite the impact of poison arrows but they'll help you earn more gold and get a better score.

The next option you have on your upgrades list is 'sword'. You are only able to equip one sword at a time. In the beginning of the game, your basic sword will probably be enough to defend your tower. As you progress though, you'll need a good sword to take out any tough enemies you miss with your bow and arrow. The best way to really advance in this game is to combine strong weapons for the best defense possible. Use a good bow and arrow combo to cut down as many of the attacking orcs as you can before they even get close enough to require the use of your sword. Focus on upgrading your sword last. You're going to use it for back up more than anything else. A good bow and arrow will greatly reduce how often you have to use your sword. In addition, it's important to remember you can begin attacking with your sword as soon as the ladder appears at the side of your tower. If you have a good sword and have upgraded your strength, you should be able to take out and enemy on a ladder without having to see any more than their hand.

The great thing about Fortress Guardian is that it offers cheats that help make the game a bit easier which isn't something you'd find with most other tower defense shooting games. There are two cheats which can help you significantly in this game - a cheat to get more gold and a cheat to get more experience. To use the cheats you simply have to be on the upgrade screen. There is no secret box to type in or anything like that. You simply have to type in the cheat code. To get 1,000 gold, simply type in 'gold'. To get 500 experience points, type 'exp'. This is a great way to get off to a good start in the game but don't get greedy. While there is no limit to how much gold or experience you can get, getting enough gold to buy the best equipment and the best arrows from the very beginning of the game takes a lot of the fun out of playing. It takes away the challenge and the fun of saving gold for a cool new upgrade. Use the cheats if you get stuck, but try to avoid over using them. You'll have a lot more fun.

Overall, Fortress Guardian is an engrossing and addictive tower defense shooting game that is sure to please any fan of tower defense shooting games. Because you are using a bow and arrow instead of a sniper rifle, the game has a different feel than most of the other games in the genre which helps keep it from feeling boring, repetitive or stale. The addition of new enemies throughout the game not only provides more of a challenge but keeps the game feeling fresh and interesting. Beginners are likely going to have a hard time with this one. More experienced players might find more success, but it will still pose a challenge. The best way to handle later levels is to always keep your bow ready to fire. Start drawing your arrow back as soon as you kill an enemy. This way, you'll be ready and waiting for the next one.