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Fly Hard 2 Instructions

Fly Hard 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to control your ship. Weapons fire automatically. Use the spacebar to pause the game.

Fly Hard 2 Walkthrough

Fly Hard 2 is the sequel to the distance game Fly Hard. Fly Hard 2 retains the charming visuals, music, humor, and upgrade system of its predecessor, but it also adds elements of space shooting games into the mixture.

Fly Hard 2 takes place from where the first Fly Hard left off. Our hero, Druce Millis (a nod to the actor that played the heroes in the Die Hard and Armageddon movies that this shooting game parodies) must once again take to space to defend the Earth, this time against Planet X. You must reach Planet X and destroy it before it reaches Earth!

As you make your journey to Planet X, a variety of alien enemies will try to stop you. Destroying these enemies rewards you with points, as well as money if you manage to collect the gems that exploding enemies release. These enemies may also destroy you with their diverse weapons or by colliding with you. The amount of armor that you have remaining is displayed by a small vertical tally in the lower-left corner of the game's screen. When this reaches zero, you will lose a life. The number of lives that you have remaining is indicated directly below the armor indicator. When you run out of lives, the day is over, but the game is not!

Some enemies in Fly Hard 2 may also release temporary powerups upon their destruction. These powerups may increase your firing rate, repair your ship, or provide a temporary shield. Collected powerups are only temporary in this shooting game, but they are still a major help.

Fly Hard 2, like its predecessor, features an upgrade shop that is accessed at the end of each day. Upgrades are powerups that will stay with you until the journey is completed. I advise upgrading your blasters first to give you some extra firepower, then buying homing missiles so that you do not have to be directly aligned with enemies to do damage to them. Ship upgrades should be chosen based on your style of play. I typically prefer a faster ship in space shooting games, so I upgraded my engines first. If you prefer to have a more tank-like ship, then you should upgrade your armor first.

When you finally reach Planet X, it is best to destroy the hangars first to prevent more enemies from spawning. After these hangars are destroyed, destroying the turrets becomes a breeze. Hazing the chain lightning weapon at maximum power is also very helpful for the final battle in this shooting game.

Fly Hard 2 is an outstanding shooting game that improves upon its sequel. You won't want to close your eyes or fall asleep, because you don't want to miss Fly Hard 2!