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Favela Heroes (AKA Homeboy Heroes) Instructions

Hire, place, promote and fire gangsters using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Favela Heroes (AKA Homeboy Heroes) Walkthrough

Favela Heroes is an entertaining tower defense shooting game that puts you in charge of defending your territory against rival mobsters trying to infiltrate your territory. It's a full out mafia war and you can't allow yourself to lose control. Instead of doing your own dirty work, however, you're going to form an army of gangsters that will stand on rooftops and fire down on any foolish enemy that dares to try to take you down. The first few levels are fairly easy but as you progress things get much more difficult. Enemy mobsters attack in tougher vehicles in greater numbers and begin attacking from different directions. It's this aspect of the game that makes it so different from most other map based tower defense games. While in other games of this sort, enemies always attack from the same part of the map, in this game, you never know what direction they will approach from when you start a new wave. This makes setting up defenses much more challenging which is what makes this game so appealing. If you love a good challenge, you'll love this game.

When you begin playing Favela Heroes, you'll see the aerial view of your city. You will be placing your mobsters at the top of the buildings. All the information you need to start building your mobster army is displayed at the bottom of the screen. There are four different kinds of mobsters you can purchase once you have enough money, but in the beginning, you really only need the basic thug. If you place a thug on a corner where he can shoot at cars approaching from different directions and upgrade that thug to at least level three, you should be able to handle the first two waves in the first level with only one thug. For wave three, add and upgrade a new thug. Even if you have enough money to hire the super-thug, it's best to wait until later waves. You'll only be wasting money if you buy your super-thug in the beginning. Only hire mobsters you absolutely need to hold off the enemy line. This allows you to save money to buy and upgrade more advanced mobsters in later waves when you really need them.

The great thing about Favela Heroes is that dying does not mean you have to start over from the beginning of the first level as you would have to with other tower defense shooting games. This allows you to improve your strategy and learn from your mistakes. The most common mistake is not placing your mobsters properly or wasting money on several less expensive mobsters early in the game. You don't need to place a lot of thugs to get through a level. Place one or two and upgrade them. One thug upgraded to level four or more is more useful than several lower level ones. As you progress, move up to super-thugs but only when you're sure even an upgraded basic thug won't be enough to hold off the enemies. Upgrade super-thugs the same way you would upgrade your basic thugs and you'll do fine.

Overall, Favela Heroes is the type of game that will hold your interest and keep you playing level after level. Experienced players of tower defense shooting games are going to find the first few waves in most of the levels a bit on the easy side, but the game gets much more difficult as time goes on. When the cars start approaching from the opposite direction it can be hard to figure out the best place to put your mobsters. The best strategy is to heavily cover all potential points of entry or exits and add thugs to cover the middle as you need them. The option of destroying sections of road with TNT to slow down enemies is something that is missing from most games in this genre and is definitely an option you should take advantage of. Use TNT anywhere you have multiple upgraded mobsters to make the most of the damage they can deliver. Your mobsters will fire heavily on enemy vehicles that are slowed down by rough patches in the road allowing them to deliver far more damage. If you're a fan of tower defense shooting games or strategy shooting game, you need to give this one a shot. It can be frustrating, but it's too much fun to pass up.