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Enigmata Instructions

Enigmata is controlled by using the keyboard or mouse. When using the keyboard, the arrow keys are used to move your ship and the spacebar is used to shoot. When using the mouse, your ship will follow the mouse cursor, and left-clicking will shoot. The keyboard is the default method of control, but you may change this under the options menu.

Enigmata Walkthrough

Enigmata is a space shooting game that set a golden standard for Flash space shooters. This excellent space game features three different ships to choose from, a variety of upgrades, great graphics, amazing audio, and thrilling shoot-em-up gameplay!

When you first begin Enigmata, you are given the choice of three ships to choose from, each with their own attributes. I chose the "RS Fighter" (the left-most fighter) due to its well-balanced characteristics, but you can make your choice depending on your style of play. If you decide that you want to pilot a different type of ship don't worry; you may change your ship's brand or upgrade the current shape that you are using by utilizing this shooting game's shop between levels.

Enigmata features a variety of deadly enemies, including twenty-five different bosses. Avoid colliding with them or being hit by their weaponry if you want to keep your ship intact! At the end of each of this shooting game's twenty-five levels, you will face a dangerous boss enemy. Boss enemies bring a plethora of weapons to bear and are quite challenging to defeat. Beating them will end the level and reward you with a large sum of gold.

Throughout this shooting game, you will encounter a variety of powerups and even powerdowns. Powerups may increase your firing rate, repair your armor, boost your speed, and more. You will want to avoid collecting powerups marked with "X"s however, since these are powerdowns. Powerdowns may slow you down, drain your shields, reduce your firepower, or cause a variety of other issues that will detriment your abilities in this shooting game.

After each level in Enigmata, you are taken to the shop. I advise upgrading your ship's shields, shield recharge rate, and speed at first. You may also upgrade your attacking power, firing rate, handling, and more. Choose upgrades depending on your style of play, and be sure to buy better items when they become available. You are only allowed to equip a certain number of items, so choose wisely. If you want to unequip an item, you may click the "E" adjacent to an equipped item.

The quest to defeat Genu may be an arduous one. Luckily for you, you can save your progress in one of three slots at the end of each level. All of your items, ships, and gold will be waiting for you upon your return.

Enigmata is an addicting, challenging, and brilliant space shooting game. If you are a fan of action-packed shoot-em-up games, then you will certainly love Enigmata!