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Elona Shooter Instructions

In Elona Shooter, you will use your mouse for the most part just like in most shooting games. Aim for the enemy, and when you are all set, hit the left click button to fire. You can switch through different weapons and items using the number keys 1 to 5. Just check out the inventory at the bottom of the user interface. Also, press space to reload your weapon.

Elona Shooter Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for shooting games that have elements of a tower defense game as well as a wide and fun array of RPG influenced features, Elona Shooter is a shooting game that you have to check out. Developed by Noa, Elona Shooter is based on the rogue-like RPG Elona (created by the same developer). HOWEVER, the similarities between the 2 games don't amount to much more than the graphics and themes.

What I really like about Elona Shooter is that it's way more polished than the efforts of most freshman developers (YES, this is Noa's first attempt into a Flash Game). Drawing inspiration from popular castle defense games, Elona Shooter is also beefed up with Asian influenced tactical RPG mechanics. While you do need to defend your castle from an army of monsters with different weapons and skills, you don't have to do it all by yourself. You will eventually have an entire tactical RPG style team of heroes to aid you in your efforts.

You will start off the game by choosing your character out of four different classes: you can have the Rogue, Hunter, Sheriff, and Militia. As you have expected, each of these classes have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can easily look it up in the selection screen. HOWEVER, if you are in doubt and cannot seem to make up your mind, go for the Hunter. This is the most versatile class in the bunch.

Every level takes place as the familiar wave of oncoming creeps. You start off by facing cannon fodders like sheep, chickens that chuck eggs at your castle, and those are just to name a few. Many of the creeps won't deal damage until they reach your castle walls. HOWEVER, there are some that can fire projectiles from quite a distance... and therefore, they need to be taken care of first.

Use your mouse and aim with your cross hair, click to fire, and that's it. Here's something to take note of: while there are no real physics engine added to Elona Shooter, the game's core does recognize anatomy shots. That means you can cause critical hits if you land a shot in the creeps head...taking them down faster than usual.

When you score 7 critical hits in a row, you will be thrown into Rampage Mode. This increases your weapon damage as well as you chance for money drops for a period of time. Killing with a weapon also gives you experience points. This lets you level up your effectiveness with the weapon you chose.