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Doom Triple Pack Instructions

Doom Triple Pack is controlled by using the keyboard. The WASD keys control your movement. Hold the shift key while moving to run. The left and right arrow keys rotate your player left and right. The spacebar is used to fire, the R key is used to open doors and activate switches, and the Q key is used to jump. The left and right bracket keys ([, ]) scroll through your inventory and the enter key uses the selected item. The escape key is used to bring up the menu and pause the game. Click and drag on the screen to "mouselook".

Doom Triple Pack Walkthrough

Doom is a classic first-person shooting game released in 1993 by id Software and one of the games responsible for putting the FPS genre in the spotlight. Doom inspired many games, some unsuccessful ripoffs, while others were successful and even innovative in their own right such as Heretic and Hexen. With Doom Triple Pack, you get to play the shareware demos of these three classic shooting games right in your Web browser!

The first game featured in Doom Triple Pack is Doom itself. Only the first episode, "Knee-Deep in the Dead" is featured, but it is still enough to keep you occupied and bring back tearful, bloody memories of nostalgia. If you remember the cheat codes, they all work here too! Unfortunately, the classic music is absent from this shooting game (I was very disappointed when I was not greeted with the classic E1M1 theme), but all of the sound effects are present and well-emulated. The plasma rifle and venerable BFG9000 are also absent from this port since they were absent from the original shareware release of Doom.

The objective of Doom in Doom Triple Pack is the same as the objective in the original game: make it to the exit alive! After reaching the exit, you will be given the percentage of enemies that you killed on the level, items that you collected, and secrets that you discovered. The time that you took to complete the level will be compared with the par time of the level.

The port of Doom featured in Doom Triple Pack is a solid recreation of the original shareware version of Doom. The next game that we will discuss is Heretic, a fantasy-based first-person shooting game developed by Raven Software and released in 1994.

Heretic used a modified version of the Doom engine and was one of the first FPS games to feature an inventory system and water effects. These aspects of the game are emulated in the Doom Triple Pack port. Heretic was also one of the first FPS games that allowed players to look up and down. To look up and down in this port, click and drag on the screen.

Heretic can be considered a Doom clone since gameplay is very similar. Make it to the exit alive and avoid being killed. While Doom had weapons based on present-day and futuristic designs, the weapons of Heretic are based on medieval-style fantasy. The inventory system should also be kept in mind when playing Heretic. The left and right bracket keys scroll through items and the enter key uses the selected item. Properly utilizing your inventory may save your life in this shooting game!

The final game featured in Doom Triple Pack is Hexen, the sequel to Heretic. Hexen also used the Doom engine and was a first-person shooting game released in 1995. Hexen was innovative due to the fact that it was one of the first FPS games to include jumping, RPG aspects and allowed players to choose from three characters: the brute Fighter, the balanced Cleric, or the wizardly Mage. Surprisingly, all three classes were available in the shareware release, thus, they are available in Doom triple Pack!

Unlike Doom and Heretic, the gameplay of Hexen is not as linear. Hexen uses a hub system that behaves like one connected map. If you have patience and curiosity, then Hexen is a fun shooting game to play, but if you prefer straightforward run-and-gun action, then I advise you to steer clear of Hexen and to play Doom or Heretic instead.

If yo are familiar with the original releases of these shooting games, then many of the controls may seem odd in Doom Triple Pack. Be sure to look over the controls while playing, since many of the keys are changed in this port. Unfortunately, joysticks are not supported in this Flash port, but if you are computer-savvy, you may try using a program such as JoyToKey to map keyboard buttons to your joystick if you own a joystick and wish to play using it. Also, for those of you that grew up on the new generation of FPS games with your fancy mouse aiming, aiming on a vertical plane is handled automatically; simply turn towards an enemy as if they were on the same vertical plane as you and shoot.

Doom Triple Pack is a nostalgic shooting game with the shareware versions of three classic games included. Sure, you won't get the fancy options that ports such as Zdoom, GZDoom, or Skulltag have to offer, but if you want a classical experience or a quick jolt of nostalgia right in your Web browser, then Doom Triple Pack is just right!