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Dinosaurs and Meteors Instructions

Dinosaurs and Meteors is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag eggs to place them and hatch dinosaurs. Click anywhere on the screen to make your dinosaurs aim and shoot in that direction. The escape key is used to pause the game.

Dinosaurs and Meteors Walkthrough

Dinosaurs and Meteors is an extremely simple and addictive shooting game. This shooting game features well-drawn, colorful graphics, straightforward gameplay, and simple mouse controls. Music aficionados may recognize that this shooting game's background music is "Mars: Bringer of War" from Gustav Holst's The Planets.

The goal of Dinosaurs and Meteors is to shoot down as many meteors as possible. Each meteor that is shot down earns one point. You may allow meteors to hit the ground, but if your dinos are hit by meteors, they will be lost. When all dinosaurs are lost, the game will end. There is no saving feature in this shooting game, so you will have to play for the beginning each time that you load it.

Dinosaurs and Meteors uses the mouse as its control device. Eggs are hated by clicking and dragging them into position. Click anywhere on the screen and dinosaurs with direct-fire ability will shoot in that direction. Some dinosaurs can be clicked on to perform special actions. Additional instructions are given in the game when new dinosaur types are introduced. If you need to pause the game for a quick break, you may do so by pressing the escape key.

Upgrades for your dinosaurs and new dinosaur types are automatically granted at the beginning of some levels of Dinosaurs and Meteors. This may make things easier for casual gamers, but advanced players would probably appreciate more freedom to use varied strategies. The lack of an upgrade shop and the ability to choose which dinosaurs you wish to employ is the only major problem with this simple shooting game. The lack of a mute button may also upset some players; "Mars: Bringer of War" is an epic song, but some may prefer to play their own music in the background while playing the game.

Dinosaurs and Meteors is an extremely simple shooting game that is great for casual gamers as well as younger players. Help the dinosaurs get their revenge against meteors in this addictive shooting game!