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Devil House Instructions

Move around with the arrow keys, zap hostile zombies with the Z key, and revert zombies back to humans with the X key. If zombies apprehend you, hit the left and right arrow keys as rapidly as you can - and, once you've completed a level, walk to the next indicated room to continue on with the game.

Devil House Walkthrough

Devil House is a cross between Resident Evil and any normal shooting game you've ever played. Except, instead of trying to kill as many zombies as you can, and trying to escape with your life, your job is to revert zombies back into humans - but you'll still have a good chance of being turned into zombie-food along the way.

You'll start out each level in a room with a certain amount of people - most of them are zombies, but a few will be civilians. It's up to you to protect the civilians from being turned into zombies - all the while trying to revert the zombies themselves. While this doesn't seem too difficult, especially in the first few levels of the game, Devil House gets chaotic, fast. Instead of trying to protect civilians, it's a lot quicker to try and revert all zombies in a level at once - but the zombies change as the game goes on, and you'll have to change your strategy accordingly.

By throwing a grenade with the X key, you'll be able to revert zombies back into humans. The thing is you have to wait until your grenade meter is charged before you can throw another - and this takes time. So, instead of beating a level quickly, you'll have to stun zombies much more often then you'd like to - and throw grenades whenever possible.

Devil House is a great shooting game with a whole lot of zombies - so any gamer out there will like it. While the controls may take some time to get used to - especially when it comes to throwing grenades - you'll have no problem saving civilians (and your own life) - or else.