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Defend Your Nuts Instructions

Defend Your Nuts is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim by using the mouse cursor. Click and hold to charge the weapon power meter, and release to shoot. Pick up items by moving your mouse cursor over them. Use the 1, 2, 3, and 4 number keys to quickly select a weapon.

Defend Your Nuts Walkthrough

Defend Your Nuts is a shooting game that puts you in control of a cut, fuzzy, and deadly squirrel. This defense game features well-drawn cartoon graphics, amazing audio, and twenty challenging stages!

The objective of Defend Your Nuts is to do just that; defend your nuts from the enemies that are trying to steal them! In order to do this, you will have to use your arsenal of weapons to defeat the hordes of ogres, oversized bumblebees, undead, and other adversaries. If you allow your enemies to steal three of your nuts, then the game is over.

Defend Your Nuts features an upgrade shop that is accessed at the end of each wave. Using the money that you've earned, you may upgrade your current weapons, buy new weapons and ammunition, purchase landmines, or upgrade your defensive barrier. Not all weapons will be available right way, so you will have to complete a few waves before purchasing them all in this shooting game. I advise upgrading your bow to the maximum level as soon as you can. Although it is harder to aim, the bow has unlimited ammunition and is strong enough to deal with most enemies once fully-upgraded.

I advise you to buy weapons from the shop as soon as they are available. You do not have to upgrade them right away, but it is good to have them in your arsenal since enemies will only drop ammunition for weapons that you have in this shooting game. By collecting dropped ammunition rather than buying it, you can save a lot of money that can be used on other upgrades.

I also advise you to buy landmines and to upgrade your wall. Most enemies in Defend Your Nuts will be land-based enemies. Landmines can damage a multitude of land-based enemies, and an upgraded wall will keep them away from your nuts for a while, allowing you to concentrate your fire on airborne enemies.

The final level of Defend Your Nuts is a boss battle. This boss will spawn enemies and can only be defeated by using the appropriate weapon in the right place. The weapon that must be used and the area that you must hit will be indicated for you. You don't have to have all of the weapons to beat this boss, but if you have a full arsenal, you will be able to defeat him quickly.

Defend Your Nuts is a fun and addicting shooting game that offers a challenge, but is not impossible to beat. If you want to try a real challenge, try beating this shooting game while only using one weapon. I was able to beat Defend Your Nuts with only a fully-upgraded bow; can you do the same? Find out in Defend Your Nuts!