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Defective Instructions

Defective is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse by default, but players may elect to use keyboard-only controls. The up and down arrow keys (or W and S keys) are used to move your ship. When using mouse controls, the mouse is used to rotate your ship and the left mouse button is used to fire. When using the keyboard-only set of controls, the left and right arrow keys (or A and D keys) rotate your ship and the spacebar (or Z key) fires your weapons. The 1-5 number keys are used to transform. The P key pauses the game.

Defective Walkthrough

Defective is another spectacular shooting game brought to you by This shoot 'em up features dazzling graphics, an original soundtrack, a unique story and twelve levels of pulse-pounding action!

In Defective, you play as a faulty minion that is discarded for use as scrap metal. You decide that you are not ready for the scrap heap and that you are going to show the three evil bosses what you are capable of! In terms of gameplay, the goal of this shooting game is to find the star on each level and exit safely. You have unlimited lives, and if you are destroyed you will simply be returned to the beginning of the current level. Your progress is automatically saved, so you do not have to beat the entire game in one session.

One thing that sets Defective apart from other similar shooting games is its upgrade system. Rather than having a shop where upgrades can be bought, players will have to comb levels for secret upgrade crates. There are two upgrades to be found on each level. If players do not find the upgrades the first time around, they can always retry previously-completed levels to find them, adding to the replay value of the game.

Aside from the standard speed and weapon upgrades, Defective also features a transformation system. The spirits of colored enemies are captured by destroying them. When three spirits of the same color are captured (as indicated at the bottom of the screen), players will be able to temporarily transform into an ship of that type. This technique turns the tables on enemies and is a change from the everyday weapons often found in shooting games.

Defective may be the name of this shooting game, but it is far from defective. Outstanding graphics, wonderful music, and most importantly, addictive gameplay make Defective a winner of a shoot 'em up game! Play Defective and other addictive shooting games on!